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8 Hidden Benefits of a Time Card App

restaurant time card app
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Real-time Employee Time Tracking

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Most businesses with a mobile workforce, including restaurants, should be in the market for a Time Card app. Why? Most mobile time clock solutions present real-time employee time tracking and allow employees to easily switch from labor category to category and also to switch job codes and numbers. An accurate and uncomplicated time tracking system will generally improve payroll processing, reduce payroll costs and eventually reduce administrative costs.

Unfortunately, in a bid to increase revenue, most restaurant owners and managers look outward when they should be looking inward. According to various surveys, more than 80% of workers admit to time fraud or time theft which leads to hundreds of "stolen" hours and thousands of lost dollars each year.

Switching to a web-based time and attendance system will accurately track employee hours, and this will promote a more productive, well-organized, and happy workplace for both employers and employees.

The advantages of a Time Card app are not always obvious; nonetheless, here are some of them

Benefits of a Time Card App

1. Creating a Central Database That Can Easily be Accessed Anywhere

If a restaurant offers outside catering services, it would be much easier to track employee time via a standardized system such as a restaurant time card app. Such a system will create a central database that can even be accessed on the go.

Relying on traditional or outdated employee time tracking methods can be time-consuming and expensive. It can also get restaurant owners into legal trouble.

2. Spending Less Time/Resources On Paper Timesheets

Organizing and processing paper timesheets is not only time consuming, it can be an expensive affair seeing that the cost of stocking up on the items required to maintain an outdated time and attendance system, such as pens and pencils paper, ink and toner, can be quite unreasonable in the long run.

3. Preventing Miscalculations in Bookkeeping

No one is perfect and anyone can make serious miscalculations even with a calculator or spreadsheet in hand. One single misplaced decimal is enough to lead to a serious accounting error. Outdated time and attendance systems are prone to such errors and usually generate "somewhat' accurate timesheets. It is estimated that even the most experienced typist will make at least one mistake with every 300 keystrokes. Human error and other accounting errors are just a few of the many challenges that a mobile restaurant time card app can easily get rid of.

4. Keeping Restaurant Workers Informed

Whenever employees need to know anything regarding their shifts, sick days, vacations and so on, they no longer have to bombard their managers with endless questions. This is because a good restaurant time card app will enable them to access their time records whenever they wish on the web. This kind of insight is very important as it helps them to get rid of inefficiencies.

5. Promoting Compliance

The Fair Labor Standards Act and other State and federal labor laws control things like record keeping and overtime, both of which can be difficult to track with an outdated time and attendance system. A Time Card app will easily enable restaurants to comply with such laws and therefore enable them to stay on the right side of the law.

6. Preventing Time Theft

Time theft can be anything from buddy punching to taking a longer lunch break. It is estimated that over 75% of businesses in America lose a lot of money through time theft. Whether innocent or intentional, time theft is costly, and a Time Card app will curb it altogether.

7. Reducing Payroll-processing Time

With a mobile time clock solution, restaurants are able to spend less time calculating employee hours so as to process payroll. This leaves employees with more time to focus on other tasks.

8. Offering Systems that Grows With a Business

A traditional time and attendance system may be effective for smaller restaurants. Nevertheless, a restaurant owner who expects his or her business to keep growing will need a system that will grow with the business as it continues to accommodate more employees.

And the fact that a Time Card app comes with no extra costs makes it more attractive to all types of businesses. This is because there are no additional devices required to take advantage of such a solution. Most employees have access to a smartphone and other internet-enabled devices such as tablets and laptops, which are all capable of using mobile time clock software . This kind of flexibility is enough reason for all restaurant owners to seriously consider upgrading to a Time Card app.

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