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Utilize Restaurant Time Clock Technology to lower Labor Budget

restaurant time clock technology
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Restaurant Time Clock Technology

Whether you run a large restaurant or a small eatery, using a restaurant time clock, also known as time and attendance tracking software or employee time clock software, will definitely increase your efficiency.

Efficient time management is a very important part of any business, be it a restaurant or not. Tracking work schedules, attendance data, productivity and preparing payroll can be tricky and time-consuming task when restaurant managers don't have the resources and the right tools to manage such factors. This is why any restaurant that intends to grow must implement a restaurant time clock . This kind of software has time and again proved to be a large key to the success of all businesses, restaurants included.

Below, we are going to discuss how a time and attendance management software such as a restaurant time clock will enable you to be in better control of your restaurant and its financial literacy

1. Organizing staff schedules

As you know, payroll or the money that is paid out to employees is one of the largest expenses of a restaurant or any other business for that matter. The most effective strategy to manage payroll, according to various studies, is by making use of a system that accurately keeps track of employee schedules software , breaks, sick days, holidays, and absenteeism. By doing so, you can expect to gain accuracy or clarity on the hours you are paying for, and this is exactly what a restaurant time clock will help you to achieve.

2. Preventing time theft

Time theft occurs through various ways that includes buddy punching , clocking in for a fellow employee who is running late and taking longer breaks. It is estimated that time theft affects over 75% of businesses in America. Time theft can be intentional or innocent but whatever the case, it is costly. Fortunately, a good time and attendance system will prevent it on the whole.

3. Tracking payroll

As soon as you introduce or implement software that will track employee hours, or the number of hours each employee has worked every week, the next reasonable thing you should do is to see how the same tool can keep track of the money you are paying out in terms of wages. You can easily achieve this by introducing a payroll budget or target into your employee time clock software . This way, you will be able to keep track of how much money your restaurant is spending on payroll with little or no difficulty.

4. Improving budget management

Once you have achieved the expertise to accurately monitor how much your restaurant is spending per payroll, you will then be able to see the surplus with more clarity. In addition to this, you will be able to effectively predict or forecast and arrange future payroll budgets just by taking a look at past staff schedules and payroll patterns so you can utilize them more effectively.

5. Increasing employee productivity

Employee time clock software has many ways of increasing employee productivity. For example, a restaurant time clock eliminates the need to manually clock in and out and to manually account for payroll transactions. The software organizes and tracks this information on your behalf and on behalf of your workforce too. This frees up your staff so they can concentrate on their jobs.

6. Improving general organization and efficiency

Employee time clock software not only prevents payroll duplications, incorrect budgeting and inefficient time management, it also stores all data in a centralized database. In short, through such software, you will be able to access all records and statistics in the future without any difficulty and this will put your managerial skills a step ahead.

. Complying with labor standards act

State and federal labor laws regulate record keeping and overtime. The two can be quite problematic to track with traditional or outdated time tracking systems. A modern time clock will protect you from lawsuits while at the same time provide accurate time tracking.

These are just a few ways a restaurant time clock can give you more control of your restaurants. Generally, using this kind of software brings convenience into a business. It also helps save money, increases productivity and helps organize payroll. And the good news is that you can always get a chance to try out such software for free for a limited period to see just how well it would fit with the daily operations of your restaurant. And the news gets even better; you will not have to part with your credit card details until you are sure that you want to purchase the software.

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