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6 Helpful Benefits That Will Make You Love Your Restaurant Timeclock

restaurant timeclock
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Restaurant Timeclock

Let's say employee A is running late, so he texts his buddy, employee B, and requests him to clock him in. After all, he will be there within the next few minutes. These few minutes, as you already know, are equivalent to a few dollars which keep adding up every time employees clock in and out for each other. This practice is known as buddy punching and according to studies; it is the most common type of time theft in the U.S. If you run a restaurant, and you are still using a traditional restaurant time clock or an outdated time card machine, there is a very high chance that you are also a victim of buddy punching. The only reliable way to curb this kind of time theft is to use a biometric-enabled restaurant time clock or time card machine.

A biometric-enabled restaurant time clock uses a capacitive reader to identify unique bodily features of an employee, such as fingerprints, whenever he or she clocks in and out of work. Since there is no way this kind of time card machine will allow an employee to clock in or out without first matching up his or her fingerprints, or another unique feature such as the iris, buddy punching becomes a thing of the past in your restaurant and this will save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Benefits of Restaurant Time Clock

Other than eliminating buddy punching, a biometric-enabled time card machine allows employees to clock in and out without necessarily using a card swipe. As you probably know, the cost of replacing swipe cards can add up considerably, which makes a biometric-enabled restaurant time clock a more cost-effective solution for any restaurant out there.

In addition to this, a modern restaurant time clock should be able to provide you with the following benefits -

1. With a modern time clock you will be able to keep track of employee time and attendance through various platforms, which include, swipe cards, online, and remotely via a mobile app.

2. Since you will be in a better position to curb time theft effectively with a modern restaurant time clock, you can expect employee productivity to rise immediately. When employees know that their time and attendance data is being tracked more effectively, they will definitely want to be as productive as possible with little or no monitoring on your part.

3. A modern time card machine will make everything easier and more effective. Managing employees and assigning resources will become easier and as expected, scheduling time will reduce drastically.

4. With this type of clocking system, you will no longer have to calculate sick days and vacation accruals manually.

5. In the same way, you will be able to manage time off, overtime, and pay policies more effectively.

6. Another thing you can expect your restaurant time clock to do is to control work-related stress that is usually triggered by hectic schedules, especially unpaid overtime.

All in all, a modern restaurant time clock will improve your productivity and consequently, you can expect your sales to rise in due time.

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