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7 Reasons to Invest in A Shift Planning App for Your Small Business

7 reasons to invest in a shift planning app for your small business
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employees are among the most important components of a business and when managed well, they can easily turn any business into a success. After all, it would be impossible to get any work done without them. Treating employees professionally and putting much thought into the shift planning procedure is therefore very important if a business hopes to achieve its goals.

Proper shift planning has a lot of benefits for both employers and employees. To begin with, successful schedules keep employees happy and motivated. They free up a lot of hours too, especially with the help of a shift planning app, and all this results in one thing – a business is able to improve its bottom line.

Outlined below are some powerful shift planning app secrets every manager out there should know about -

Improving Communication

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Communication is the key to a successful shift planning app strategy. In fact, communication should always be the starting point for everything related to employee management. Many scheduling mishaps are actually as a result of poor communication skills.

Poor communication hampers the ability of employees to communicate their availability and this creates tension, confusion and endless dialogues that consume a lot of hours – hours that can be directed towards other more productive tasks.

Good communication, however, is a two-way process that both employers and employees should engage in. As a manager, it is your duty to teach good communication skills to your employees. Greeting them personally and listening to their concerns genuinely encourages them to open up to you. When employees are able table their concerns without fear of prejudice, most scheduling conflicts disappear and scheduling headaches are kept at a bare minimum.

Unfortunately, with manual shift planning processes, keeping communication lines open is not easy. The solution lies in shift planning app which allows staff members to view their schedules through their mobile phones or via any desktop computer or laptop. Through these platforms, employees are able to receive schedule change alerts, indicate their availability, swap shifts, and more.


Forethought or foresight is also among the various secrets to effective shift planning. Many businesses have a flexible demand for employees. Restaurants, for instance, require more staff members during meal times. But staff demand doesn't depend on peak hours alone, it also depends on work station. For example, bar staff are less likely to be needed during lunch hours but will definitely be required during the dinner shift. Managing such demands is not easy as understaffing compromises service, while overstaffing creates idle employees and produces unnecessary costs.

The solution to managing complex situations lies in shift planning programs as they provide a lot of insight into staffing levels. With these programs, managers are able to identify the shifts and departments that need more manpower and those that can do with a smaller number of employees. They are also able to view assignment reasons and the skill levels/ certifications of their staff members.


Even with the best communication skills and with great foresight, unexpected circumstances tend tooccur. Last-minute withdrawals and late arrivals are just a few consequences of unexpected circumstances or emergencies. As a result, even the most carefully planned schedules can turn into a total mess. This only creates confusion and misunderstandings that can be detrimental to the normal operations of a business.

Once again, a shift planning app comes to the rescue as it empowers managers to fill in abandoned shifts quickly by making it possible for them to single out ideal substitutes by criteria and availability.

Planning and Posting Shifts in Advance

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Planning and posting schedules way in advance will help alleviate most scheduling mishaps. The ideal time to create schedules is at least one month in advance and the best time to post them is one week before they are put to use.

Employees too should be trained to provide their availabilities and requests sooner. When employees are able to adapt to this consistency, managers will be able to avoid misunderstandings and last minute changes.

Posting schedules early also gives employees ample time to find replacements when their assigned shifts don't work well for them. Early planning limits excuses for missing work or arriving late too.

Back Up Scheduling Plan

Without a back up plan, any shift planning strategy, be it manual or automated, is on a sure path to destruction. Managers who intend to schedule their staff members seamlessly need to account for unexpected circumstances, such as illnesses and other emergencies. While posting schedules weeks in advance will get rid of most scheduling conflicts, it will not stop employees from falling sick or facing different types of emergencies. Having a back up plan and a couple of trusted employees who will not mind being summoned unexpectedly is a critical part of a successful shift planning app procedure.

Not Tolerating Tardiness & Missed Shifts

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When an employee fails to show up for his or her shift, someone else definitely Shift Planning has to carry an extraworkload. The manager, particularly, is forced to do extra work trying to find an ideal replacement, rearranging the schedule, and making sure that all affected parties have been notified of the changes.

Managers who tend to tolerate tardiness and missed shifts always witness their well-thought-out schedules going awry. The more a manager allows tardiness and missed shifts, the worse it gets. When an employee's sick time goes above average, its time to hold a serious talk before the behavior spreads out to other employees.

Embracing Technology

Through employee scheduling software, technology has provided a seamless way to schedule employees across all industries. Not only does a shift planning app offer an effective way to schedule employees, it also takes communication to another level. Not only are managers able to reach out to their employees at any time and from any part of the world, but employees too are able to reach out to one another if need be.

Furthermore, a shift planning app generates payroll data and other important reports that contribute to the well being of a business.

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