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7 Simple Habits of Productive and Healthy Employees

7 simple habits of productive and healthy employees
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

The daily actions we take create our lifetime habits, and if we take the right ones we will see valuable things happen in our life that increase our health, wealth, and happiness. Studies have shown that it takes three weeks to create a new habit, so over the course of the next month, begin to retrain your brain to take actionable steps in a new direction to increase areas of your life you may be looking to improve. While this can seem overwhelming at first, it doesn't need to be hard steps that you take. In fact, keeping things simple can actually make you more productive as well as more likely to stick to the habits long term.

Here are 7 simple habits you can take to increase your health, wealth, and happiness in very big ways that take small amounts of time each day. Remember, the journey to success isn't built in a giant leap; it's built step by step each day!

Write and Work Your Plan

Get yourself a planner and not just one that you let sit on your desk and collect dust. There are multiple types of planners on the market you can purchase that have specific pages that list goals and help you organize your goals into a daily to-do list. One popular option on the market is called the Passion Planner but there are others you can choose from too.

Spend at least 10 minutes each day writing in your planner listing out the things you must get done each day and then put them into a daily list you can feasibly accomplish. Next, such as one day on the weekend, spend at least 10 minutes writing out the things you want to accomplish in the short-term, long-term, and use these goals to influence what you write on your to-do list on the daily.


write and work your plan 1

Each day when you get up, look at your planner and begin to take steps each day that go along with your short and Productive and Healthy Employeeslong-term goals. When you are organized and can see your writing on paper in front of you each day, your goals and tasks become more tangible than just letting your smartphone notify you of everything you have to do.

Having a planner will not only help you feel more together, balanced, and accomplished but it will also help you learn to take your short and long-term goals more seriously so that what you do each day reflects what you want to accomplish in the grander scheme of things. This one step will benefit your health, wealth, and happiness all in one.

Work for Love, Not Just for Money

While you can easily work a job your entire life that pays the bills and gets you by—or even makes you quite successful in your field—doing something you love will likely make you healthier and happier in the long-term. It might even make you wealthier because you are likely willing to work harder at something you love doing versus something you're not exactly passionate about.

We spend the majority of our lives at work each day (or night). Why not make our time here count by doing something we love at the same time? It's not only helpful to others when you use your talents to do work that you love but it also helps you out too. Using your natural gifts and passions can cultivate success in both your life and the lives of other people.


write and work your plan 2

If you're not sure about what it is that you love or have a passion for, begin to explore that side of yourself more often Productive and Healthy Employeeswhile you continue working at your current job. Begin to notice what you're naturally drawn to, what you would do if you didn't get paid for it, and what you enjoy doing in your spare time that you would love to be paid for someday.

Over time, you'll begin to find areas of your life you may be able to capitalize on and possibly turn them into a career leading you towards a life of greater passion.

Take Advantage of a Scheduling Tool

No one can accomplish anything, feel sane, or make money efficiently if they don't have an organized schedule so they can use the most time they have each day to get things done that need to be accomplished.

Individuals who stay on schedule suffer less stress and accomplish more at work than those who don't. Stress at work often results from a perception of things being out of control or from feeling rushed or overwhelmed. This not only makes things unpleasant at the office but it can also lead to health issues too. Not to mention that stress never creates an optimal level of productivity.


write and work your plan 3

If you work in a place that has a lot of employees, you also need to be sure you have a reliable scheduling tool so that you Productive and Healthy Employeesand your employees can stay on task and on schedule while you are all on the clock. Consider ZipSchedules if you're in the hospitality or retail workforce so that you can manage and view schedules anywhere on-the-go while also communicating with each other at the same time.

If you work for yourself, find an app on your smartphone that can help you schedule your tasks more appropriately or use the planner mentioned above to help you do so. Set timers on your smartphone or your computer if need be. You can even use free scheduling options on your smartphone if you're looking to manage your family schedules too.

Whatever your scheduling needs are, there is a program out there that can help you. Your health, wealth, and happiness will all benefit from this one step.

Nourish Yourself Appropriately

Food is the fuel for your body and brain. If this is true, what do you think your inner tank would look like? What we nourish ourselves with each day doesn't just affect our waistline. It also affects our emotional health, outlook on life, our stress levels, our daily performance at work, our energy levels, and possibly even how we provide for ourselves long-term because a healthy diet nourishes the brain and enhances performance.

Certain nutrients play a key role in brain health including B vitamins, amino acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, choline, and omega-3 fatty acids. Chlorophyll (the green pigment found in plants) is also essential to a healthy diet because it enhances blood flow to the brain and keeps your arteries healthy. Fiber is a key nutrient in preventing high cholesterol that can lead to heart problems, blood sugar issues, and obesity. All of these nutrients not only keep your body and brain healthy, but they can also enhance your life in multiple ways.


write and work your plan 4

Aim to eat 75% of your diet or more from whole, plant-based foods if you can. Add protein to your diet from clean and Productive and Healthy Employeeslean sources of animal protein or whole food plant-based protein. Reduce the fats in your diet and always choose heart-healthy fats like those with omega-3 fatty acids in place of animal-based saturated fats or processed fats such as vegetable oil.

Also, when you eat out, do your best to choose something light in sodium to prevent high blood pressure which can increase your stress levels. And of course, don't forget to drink enough water! Water is essential to daily health and it can help reduce cortisol levels at the same time. Who knew?!

If you need some ideas for a healthy breakfast you can carry with you to the office, consider any of these simple and delicious options!

Move to Fight Stress and Achieve Great Health

Exercise and movement can be a great way to manage stress and keep your body fit and healthy at the same time. Consider it your all-in-one formula for daily health and sanity!

Exercise can also keep your brain healthy by enhancing blood flow throughout the body and to your brain. It even triggers motivation by improving hormone function in your body as well.


write and work your plan 5

Daily movement such as yoga and walking can also be great types of exercise to nourish your joints, brain, and heart Productive and Healthy Employeeshealth. Whatever type of exercise you enjoy, do it daily if possible. Even 10-15 minutes counts, although up to 45 minutes is optimal if you have specific fitness goals in mind.

If you don't exercise now, begin exploring activities you might enjoy or have an interest in. Don't let your fear of starting keep you from beginning. You won't believe how much fitness and movement can benefit your brain and body helping you to fight stress on multiple levels.

Put exercise and movement goals into your planner and scheduling tool to make sure that you don't miss them if you find time to be an issue. Make time for fitness and movement; they are not luxuries of time but vital to your overall work performance and health.

Network with People You Admire

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your career to increase your wealth and overall happiness is to network with people you admire. Everyone has an individual within the space they work in that they look up to. Individuals who have accomplished great things in the field you are in often started out just like everyone else, yet because of their accomplishments, they may be able to offer valuable advice to you that they learned along the way to their success.


write and work your plan 6

Even if you think the individual you admire would never have time to talk to you, consider sending them an email to Productive and Healthy Employeesthank them for what they have done, and professionally express your admiration of them. Then, consider asking them if they have time to provide some tips that they may be able to offer you within the field so that you can grow like they did. If you live in an area near them, offer to take them to lunch or coffee on a day they have free. They just might say yes!

If you're not ready to take this step yet, at least begin to network with others in your field so you can learn from others who are working in the same area(s) that you are. Over time, this won't only make you more successful and happier with your job, but it will likely increase how much earning potential you have as you begin to develop better skills within your line of work.

Remember, everyone starts somewhere!

Get Your Zzz's

You know you need to get enough sleep, but have you begun to prioritize that area of your life yet? If not, do so now. Sleep is no more of a luxury than exercise is and it can increase your health, wealth, and happiness in ways you might not expect.Sleep reduces hormones in the body that lead to stress and it also helps you think more clearly which may make you more productive at work and even at home. When it comes to your health, sleep also keeps your blood sugar and blood pressure levels stable so long as you have a healthy diet. In short, sleep is a must for a healthier, happier, and more successful you!


write and work your plan 7

Most people can get by with sleeping 7-8 hours each night, but if your body needs 9 or 10, make room in your schedule to Productive and Healthy Employeesgive it what it needs. If you work out hard each day or have a demanding job, you may also need more sleep than individuals who work a desk job each day. Remember that sleep is an investment in every single area of your life. Bring your best self to the world each day by starting it with a full night's rest in your system!

The steps above will not only help you increase your health, wealth, and happiness in the ways mentioned here but also in various other ways too. If you feel overwhelmed looking at this list, work on one or two things this month, and next month, focus on two more.

Remember, habits are created from daily steps. What steps will you take today to have healthier habits and a better life next month?

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