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4 Ways Shift Planning Apps Increase Employee Satisfaction

4 ways shift planning apps increase employee satisfaction
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Shift planning has never been easier

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Shift planning has never been easier. Eliminate stress with a robust and easy-to-use shift planning app from Zip Schedules.

Employee satisfaction is a huge determinate of your business' success. If you do not have a happy or positive staff, it is likely it is time to re-evaluate your management practices and consider investing in a solution to boost morale and employee satisfaction.

Technology has played an enormous role in streamlining operations, communications and productivity in the workplace. So, it is no surprise that investing in business tech can also boost morale, satisfaction and overall success at your company. Shift planning applications like Zip Schedules have become popular for small businesses. There are 4 major reasons why an online shift planning app can boost employee satisfaction.

Increased Employee Responsibility

Only someone who has been involved in employee scheduling knows just how stressful the exercise can be. As expected, the person responsible for staff scheduling, such as a manager, will start by finding out the availability of each and every employee in the business. While some of the employees will provide this information immediately, others will delay, forget or completely ignore doing so. With a shift planning app, there is now an easy-to-use, mobile friendly platform for employees to easily input their availabilities. Employees are in charge and responsible for providing the manager with their information, increasing employee autonomy, independence and overall morale.

When the availability of some employees is not clear, it would be impossible to create a stable schedule. With the shift planner from Zip Schedules, data is sent and received within seconds. All responsible staff members will therefore be in a position to illuminate their availability within minutes, after which the week's schedule can be created immediately.

Zip Schedules makes life easier for management and ensures that employees will not be scheduled when they are busy, working, or at school. The less confusion over scheduling and last-minute changes leads to increased stability, happiness and satisfaction. Employees are given the autonomy to provide their availabilities in one easy-step, and managers have the information they need to properly manage a workforce.

Swapping Shifts Is No Longer Impossible

Last-minute scheduling changes are bound to happen even with the most responsible workers. Sicknesses and other emergencies might occur after the schedule has been created, and the affected employees have to be replaced ASAP. Without a shift planning app, employees had to reach out to each available employee individually, asking for a cover. If they failed to find a replacement, the next step is typically calling management last minute letting them know you cant make the shift. In this situation, you are now usually stuck short-staffed and face challenges from customers not happy with their service.

With a shift planner, fixing last-minute changes would only take a few minutes because employees can report emergencies through the app. You can alert multiple employees, send out group-messages, and alert your manager in a moments notice. Instead of playing phone tag, all swaps can be handled from your iPhone or Android.

Real-Time Requests & Approvals from Your iPhone or Android

The manager or the person responsible for employee scheduling will receive the information in seconds and then use the same application to find a replacement. The replacement will receive the request within seconds too and confirm acceptance immediately. This way, the headaches related with last-minute schedule changes become a thing of the past with Zip Schedules shift planning app.

Increased Employee Autonomy

When employees are not satisfied, their work deteriorates and the business suffers as a result. Those who have been in business long enough know that ultimate success goes hand in hand with employee satisfaction and our shift planner will help you achieve just that.

One thing that will definitely lead to employee dissatisfaction is when employees feel that their rights or requests are being ignored. Oftentimes, employees will request shift swaps or time off and when these requests are not addressed immediately or in a reasonable amount of time, the employees feel like they are being ignored and underappreciated and their work deteriorates.

Unfortunately, the person in charge of employee scheduling will not always remember to work on all requests, or will be unable to address the requests for one reason or another. This is where a quality shift planner app comes in handy, all requests will be sent via the app and the schedule planner will address them immediately or set a reminder so that he or she can work on the requests in time. This way, the employees remain happy and the business flourishes.

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