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The Shift Schedule Template

the shift schedule template
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee Shift Schedule Template

Looking to get started with your staffing plan? Start with this shift schedule template from Zip Schedules.

A shift schedule template will obviously save you some time, but it can also help you to create flexible work schedules if you need to. And this will benefit your business immensely. Let us look at some of the benefits we are talking about-

Shift Schedule Template – Increased Productivity

One of the most obvious benefits of flexible work schedules is increased productivity, according to employers. By giving your employees something they like, they will definitely offer their best. For example, you might notice that they are now offering to shoulder more responsibilities, or that they have become eager to help each other. In other words, a happy employee will be eager to do his job effectively.

If you haven't tried this style of scheduling yet, just download an easily adjustable shift schedule template here, create a weekly flexible schedule, and see how things go from there.

Shift Schedule Template – Allow Your Staff to Work From Home

If your line of business allows it, allow your staff to work from home sometimes. This will motivate them and you will realize that you can actually save a lot of money from this gesture. Office expenses, such as utility bills, office supplies, and administrative costs can be quite high and you will be surprised at how much you can save just by letting them work from home sometimes. Also, if you have a small office space, this idea will suit your business very well.

Shift Schedule Template – Enable Employees to Work through Hard Times

A flexible work schedule will also enable your employees to work even as they address family needs and emergencies. It also lowers the stress that is associated with rush hour traffic. By allowing flexibility in your staff schedule, you will witness less absenteeism, lateness, and sick time off requests.

Shift Schedule Template – Achieve Better Employee Retention

By choosing to be a little flexible with your schedules, you can actually achieve better employee retention and recruiting. This is one strategy that is now being used widely by small to medium sized businesses to gain an edge over their bigger, deeper-pocketed counterparts.

While it is true that this strategy might force you into buying mobile equipment for your employees such as smartphone's and laptops, such expenses are quite small compared to the price of replacing valued employees.

Shift Schedule Template – Benefits of Flexible Schedules

According to experts, flexible scheduling will soon cease to be a policy, a program, a perk, or a benefit, it will actually become the norm. Bearing this in mind, it's about time you tested these water if you haven't done so already. Download a shift schedule template now and start creating an experimental schedule that will allow a few of your employees to work from home every few days and see how it works.

Remember to always download your shift schedule template from a well respected site, such as Zip Schedules. It is wise to avoid downloading a document or any other item from a site you don't trust.

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