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6 Useful Ways You Need To Identify the Best Restaurant Time Clock

6 useful ways you need to identify the best restaurant time clock
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Identify the Best Restaurant Time Clock

Many restaurant owners understand the importance of tracking their employee's time and attendance. In spite of this, some of them choose to ignore the practice because it can be extremely time-consuming and boring. It is precisely for this reason that most restaurants have turned to digitalized time and attendance systems to help with this monotonous task. A restaurant time clock is a good example of a digitalized time and attendance system that automatically tracks and computes data, therefore making the entire process much easier and more effective.

Another example of a digitalized time and attendance system is a mobile time clock app, which will enable restaurant workers to clock in/clock out electronically via an internet-enabled computer, a Smartphone, or any other mobile device with Internet connection at the very least. However, a good restaurant time clock will be able to do much more than simply track employee hours.

If you have been thinking of investing in a restaurant time clock, or any other type of mobile time clock app for that matter, here is how to identify a good system -

A Good Restaurant Time Clock Should Have Flexible Clock In Options

The importance of this feature might vary from business to business, but generally, it would be a good thing to enable employees to clock in and out from their mobile devices or from different computers in the restaurant using their I.D numbers and unique pass codes. In some cases, any of the two options would be sufficient, but it would be wise to have a system that comes with as many clocking options as possible, especially when a large number of employees are expected to be clocking in and out simultaneously. When employees always have to wait in line to clock in and out, it becomes a tiresome process and this can affect employee productivity.

A Good Restaurant Time Clock Or A Quality Mobile Time Clock App Comes With A Timesheet Review And Approval Feature

A mobile time clock app that comes with a timesheet review and approval feature will not only help managers and supervisors save a lot of time, but it will also maximize their competence. Sometimes, it can be a hectic process for employees to get their timesheets approved by their direct managers, or any other manager for that matter, and having a system that can approve timesheets automatically will help overcome such challenges.

A Good Restaurant Time Clock Should Be Able To Support Rule-Based Configurations

A quality restaurant time clock should be able to assist employees with much more than clocking in and out. A good system will support rule-based configurations that automatically track different aspects of attendance, such as paid holidays, sick days, half days, and so on. When employees have to record and review such factors manually, errors are bound to occur and this will not only affect payroll, but it will also expose restaurants to expensive lawsuits.

A Good Restaurant Time Clock Should Be Able To Integrate With Employee Work Schedules

When work schedules can be linked to a restaurant time clock, managers and supervisors can be able to gather some important data regarding employee attendance and productivity. For example, when a particular employee has a habit of clocking in late or clocking out early, it can be a bit tricky for the manager to spot the habit when employee scheduling and time and attendance tracking are managed separately. On the other hand, when the two processes are integrated, such patterns can be spotted and dealt with instantaneously.

A Good Restaurant Time Clock Should Be Able To Integrate With Payroll

A modernized time and attendance tracking system should be able to make it easy for the payroll department to transfer time and attendance data over to payroll software. When payroll reporting or payroll integration is not supported by a restaurant time clock or a mobile time clock app, this can be a recipe for payroll errors and delays. Importing or extracting time and attendance data over to payroll will not only produce more accurate pay checks, it will also save many hours when compared to entering the data manually.

A Good Restaurant Time Clock Should Be Able To Guarantee Data Safety And Security

With a traditional time and attendance tracking system , it is usually the responsibility of the customer to maintain the system's security. But with a cloud-based system, the responsibility of data security, availability, and integration is carried by the vendor. When data is stored in the cloud, it tends to be as safe and as secure as it can be.

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