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standard operating procedures how to educate your staff using SOP software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Are you training your staff as efficiently as possible? When was the last time you updated your SOP Software?

Staff education is a crucial element of owning or managing a restaurant. It is both time sensitive and time-consuming, especially without the necessary tools. These tips for using Standard operating procedure or SOP software can help to standardized operations, and streamline this process.

Training Information and Documents

The correct training documents are essential for hiring new employees and even for the continuing education of your current employees. In fact, having these documents accessible via SOP software is even more important. Overall, it is essential for new hires to be able to study the standardized expectations of your business and access them when they may be unsure of how to do a particular task or if they require extra guidance on the matter. This ensures that employees can work independently on their allotted tasks without always seeking out supervision from management. Ultimately, having a digital platform such as Zip Checklist for your SOP software can help with these needs.

As a cloud-based platform management system, Zip Checklist can quickly and easily upload documents, photos, and even videos for new and continuing education amongst staff. It can also allow for management to address any concerns that his or her staff may have or to troubleshoot any problems that may arise. Management may continue to add to the document as they see fit at any time. For example, if employees share a frequent problem, management can add a step to the document to provide a solution or further clarification right on the spot, making SOP software easier to use than ever.

What's more, management can also make edits or updates or even add notes for employee reference to these procedures, eradicating any need for paper documents. This creates a more environmentally sound solution that saves you both money and time by avoiding unnecessary paperwork. Effectively maximizing your resources by providing a reference point sent straight to staff’s smartphone or tablet.

Eliminate Confusion

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Have One Ever-Changing Document - Having training materials is something that should be unavoidable for any business. Simply telling staff how something should be done is not always enough. Moreover, having a document where staff can go and reference the information is imperative for a successful business. However, when staff is given a new document, which may change at each meeting, they can easily get confused with old or outdated information, and this can lead to chaos and confusion. In fact, having one document where changes are made and that can continuously be updated is the only way to eliminate this confusion amongst management and staff.

Zip Checklist is a great solution to eliminate any misunderstandings among team members because it can be used to upload, access, and change any standard operating procedure with just a few clicks; simplifying your life and your employees lives in the process.

Make Active Checklists for Staff to Complete

Another terrific way for staff to stay educated is to make checklists for them to complete on a daily basis or just as a general part of their job description. As a matter of fact, the training staff is a hands-on task, but there are also ways that staff can train themselves or one another using SOP software. This starts with knowing what is expected of them.

Making a checklist for all staff members can ensure that they know exactly what procedures or steps they need to follow for any given task and exactly what tasks they need to get done on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, when it comes to effectively training staff, it is beneficial to include training materials for unfamiliar team members, so that they may read and familiarize themselves with company policies and procedures. If inexperienced staff members, and even current staff members, know the main concepts of what is to be expected of them, this will allow for smooth and quick training sessions.

Know When Your Staff Gets Things Done

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Always checking in on your staff is not only time consuming, but it is also unrealistic. Managers don’t have time to do their job and constantly check in with each employee to see if they are doing theirs. This is where checklists come into play because having these checklists as part of your staff’s standard operating procedures can be a very good idea and it can improve the efficiency of your business. This is because SOP software checklists are a technique that lets management communicate more effectively with their staff. For example, through checklists, management can let staff know what needs to be done that day as well as prioritizing items that are more important than others. It can also allow for management to delegate certain tasks and thus free up more of their time for more pressing matters. Keeping the workflow smooth and up to date is an important task, as detailed in this article.

Zip Checklist not only allows you to create checklists, but it also allows you to assign these checklists to your staff and to monitor when these items get completed. This allows for management to have greater control and peace of mind. Thus, effectively increasing the productivity of your staff and by association, your restaurant. It is an easy and efficient way to organize staff obligations and assess employee productivity.

Be On The Same Page

Being on the same page as your staff is also imperative for running a successful restaurant. By having standard operating procedures, and SOP software, management can let staff know what is expected of them and how specific tasks should be performed. This will keep both management and staff members on the same page so that everyone can do their job with minimal interruption and avoid any mistakes due to misunderstanding among staff. After all, having everyone on the same page is extremely important for a business to run smoothly.

Generally speaking, having a standard operating procedure is a very important part of running a restaurant and one that can be very time consuming for any manager. Using a SOP software program that simplifies so many aspects of standardizing these procedures can make the lives of managers and staff alike much more simplified. Zip Checklist’s SOP software can create a more efficient and time-saving method of training new employees or keeping current employees up to date with any changes in policies or protocols. Running a successful restaurant can be a simpler task for management with an essential step-by-step document shared among staff and updated frequently to improve and grow at the same pace as your business.

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