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Supercharge Your Google Calendar with These 29 Extensions and Tools

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Google Calendar 29 Extensions Tools

For all the intricate apps, tools, and technology that Google has developed, its Calendar app is a fairly straightforward one- simply plug in appointments, events, and set reminders, and you’re good to go.

There’s a lot more potential under the hood, though, and with the open API Google has in place, many developers have created integrations and browser extensions that let you customize your experience and take it to a whole new level.

Beyond the extensions, there are even integrations with popular productivity tools that make scheduling and task management far easier. We’ve scoured the lists to find the most popular integrations, tools, and Chrome extensions, and included them here to help you get more from your own Google Calendar.

Checker Plus

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 1

Price- Free

Main Benefit- Add events and manage your calendar from your browser, without having to enter Google Calendar.

Checker Plus expands on the features offered in Google Calendar, giving more functionality and control. This includes pop-up calendars with agenda views, background operation outside of Chrome, and even one-click event additions from sites like Facebook. Desktop notifications have also been enhanced to work more like Outlook, including the addition of sound and voice notifications.

Event Merge

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 2

Price- Free

Main benefit- Merge multiple calendars, allowing you to manage your personal and work calendars in one view.

If you’re running multiple Google Calendars to try and keep up with a busy lifestyle, or managing multiple teams alongside your personal calendar, you know trying to keep track of everything and managing calendar updates can slow down productivity. This extension merges all of your split events into a single event, then color codes those events to help differentiate the calendars involved.

Workflowy to Google Calendar

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 3

Price- Free

Main benefit- Create events in Google Calendar from any web page,by highlighting text with event information.

With just two clicks, you can add a Workflowy event to your Calendar by creating Workflowy “bullets” within the app itself (pictured above) or by capturing text from any web page. Using Workflowy makes it easy to create simple agendas with multiple team members and to track tasks for events. Now you can quickly load that info into a Google Calendar event without the need to type additional details or agendas.

OpenVoice for Google Calendar

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 4

Price- Free

Main benefit- Use the app to automatically copy over Citrix conference room information for an upcoming meeting, with no mistyped or forgotten numbers.

This extension modifies the Google Calendar event creation page to include the addition of OpenVoice to any calendar event. Create the event as normal, then just click on the OpenVoice option. This automatically populates the event with all the Citrix conference room information from your OpenVoice platform. This is a great way to eliminate mistyped info or missing data from a copy/paste.

Send to Calendar

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 5

Price- Free

Main benefit- Auto-generate new calendar events by right clicking on event listings around the web.

No matter what website or social media site you’re on, you can send content directly to your Google Calendar to create an event. No more typing or copy/paste necessary. Simply select the text containing relevant event information, right click, and select 'Send to calendar.' The extension will generate an auto-filled calendar event for you.

Google Calendar Bar

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 6

Price- Free

Main benefit- Quickly identify calendar conflicts with a red bar that shows the current time.

Google Calendar is great for scheduling events and meetings, but a populated calendar can make it hard to track what’s next. Instead of being forced to glance to the left of the calendar to double check the current time and make sure you’re on task, this extension creates a simple bar stretching across your calendar to show you the current time.

Ideal Week Planner

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 7

Price- One-time fee of 4.99

Main benefit- Overlay your Google Calendar with a grayscale backdrop representing your ideal schedule to see how your actual time usage stacks up.

Make it easier to manage your day, your week, and stay on top of tasks while forecasting your schedule. This extension lets you create time blocks throughout the week in a grayscale backdrop beneath your standard scheduled items. This overlay keeps calendars from getting cluttered and is the ideal way to create the weekly schedule you want.

Remember the Milk

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 8

Price- Free (39.99/year for pro)

Main benefit- Easily integrate tasks and deadlines to your Google Calendar within the full-featured task management program Remember the Milk.

Remember the Milk is a super-charged task management system to keep you running at peak efficiency. The platform integrates with Gmail as well as Google Calendar so you can add and manage new tasks in any environment. You can easily tie those tasks to events in the calendar or connect them to emails and contacts within Gmail – or all of the above.

Goo.gl URL Shortener

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 9

Price- Free

Main benefit- Use Google’s URL shortener to quickly add reference links to your calendar events.

Add Google’s own URL shortener to your browser. Now, you can easily shorten any URL you’re visiting and automatically copy it to your clipboard. Rather than loading long dynamic URLs into your Google Calendar, you can keep descriptions short and sweet.


supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 10

Price- Free

Main benefit- Sync Toggl’s time-tracking app with Google Calendar to measure how much time you’re actually putting into your scheduled events.

Toggl is a well-known tool for tracking time and enhancing productivity. The Google Calendar extension now adds a little button on your browser to sync with your calendar. You can start up the time from your Calendar to quickly track how long it takes to complete a marked task. You’d be surprised how long it takes you to finish recurring tasks when interruptions are allowed – challenge yourself to see if you can get your numbers down.

Add Facebook Event

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 11

Price- Free

Main benefit- Allows you to quickly add Facebook events to your Google Calendar with a new in-app button.

If you frequently take part in Facebook events or post your own, this is a great extension for your Google Calendar. Install the browser extension and an “Add to calendar” button will show up on any Facebook event page you visit or create. Click that button and the details will automatically populate in a Google Calendar event.


supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 12

Price- Free

Main benefit- Expands the color coding options available within Google Apps to help plan your schedule.

Color coding is a popular method for organizing tasks, tracking what needs to be done, and enhancing productivity. You can already use different color labels in Gmail, and now with this extension, you can color code your calendar. You can customize the colors for each day of the week to help make forecasting easier with visual cues from your most productive days in the past.

Collapsible Nav

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 13

Price- Free

Main benefit- Shut down Google’s default left-side menu to free up more viewing space for your calendar.

If you’re working with limited screen real estate and want to expand your view, then this is a smart extension to have. Collapsible Nav lets you collapse the navigation on the left side of your calendar, which takes up a lot of space with information you likely don’t use on a daily basis. Hide the menu with a simple click, and return to it the same way.


supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 14

Price- Free

Main benefit- Propose calendar times to meeting attendees to find an option that works for everyone.

Install this third-party tool to take control of your Google Calendar and make event and meeting scheduling a breeze. It’s the assistant you’ve always wanted, using a simple interface to contact attendees and determine the best meeting time for everyone involved.


supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 15

Price- Free

Main benefit- Subscribe to interest-based feeds of upcoming events.

Want to keep track of what’s going on and what people are up to based around your general interests? This extension adds a calendar list to the right side of your Google Calendar to show you a feed of schedules based on interests you select. It’s a great way to keep track of events and trends – subscribe to updates and get event times to display on your calendar instead of bouncing around websites to get event updates.


supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 16

Price- Free ($20/mo for premium, $125/mo for teams)

Main benefit- Use any of Zapier’s Google Calendar automations to create events in response to predefined triggers.

Zapier is a great tool for automating the little things in your day-to-day. Zapier lets you use existing formulas, or create your own, that automatically trigger when something happens that you designate in the formula. For example, you can create a new Google Calendar event automatically when new tasks are created in Asana, or when cards are created or moved in Trello.


supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 17

Price- Free

Main benefit- Like Zapier, IFTTT will help you automate Google Calendar event scheduling based on the 'recipes' you’ve created.

With If This Then That (IFTTT), you can string automated tasks together, similar to how Zapier works. While Google Calendar has a built-in notification system, you can use IFTTT to expand notifications. You can use existing task automation recipes to trigger SMS notifications on your device whenever a reminder is needed for Calendar events to help you stay on point.


supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 18

Price- Free

Main benefit- Creates or schedule UberConference calls from within Google Calendar.

For easy screen sharing and free digital conferencing, businesses often turn to UberConference. This extension works in a simlar way to other conference integrations, allowing you to create or schedule UberConference calls from within Google Calendar. Despite being free, conference calls are unlimited with call recording and high-quality audio.

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 19

Main benefit- Makes calendar event links clickable on Google Calendar pop-up previews.

This simple extension makes it easier to click links within your Calendar. It fixes an issue with unclickable links within Google Calendar pop-ups by removing the zero-width characters that are added to links and other content, making them unclickable in the “where” field of a Calendar listing.

Cirrus Insight

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 20

Price- $19 per user/month for basic, $29 per user/month for pro

Main benefits- Syncs your Google Calendar and Salesforce events, while associated features help you update customer CRM records within Gmail.

If you use Salesforce in your business, you know how time-consuming it can be to manually update records after interacting with customers in the sales cycle. Cirrus Insight lets you work in Gmail, automatically updating records in your CRM as you go. It also syncs all your events between Salesforce and your Calendar so you no longer need to manually save events within Salesforce.

FreeBusy Scheduling Assistant

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 21

Price- Free

Main benefits- Like Assistant.to, FreeBusy lets you pitch potential meeting times to future attendees, in addition to automatically creating Google Calendar events based on Gmail message content.

The FreeBusy extension reduces the time spent trying to coordinate meetings among attendees. You pick the best time to meet based on when all the attendees are available – regardless of their location. It even syncs across multiple calendars, and integrates with Gmail to schedule Google Calendar meetings right from your inbox.

Better Google Calendar Alert

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 22

Price- Free

Main benefit- Offers a less intrusive, but no less effective, alternative to Google Calendar’s default notifications.

Google Calendar alerts can be a little intrusive, popping up to overlay whatever it is you’re working on and interrupting your workflow. If you want something less intrusive but still don’t want to miss out on a scheduled meeting or event, try this extension. It replaces the traditional alarm/notification with a more subtle reminder of upcoming events.

Quick Add

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 23

Price- Free

Main benefit- Add events to your Google Calendar without leaving your current web page.

Manually creating events can be a little time consuming when you need to load the calendar, find the day and time, and manually create the event. This simple browser extension places a button on your browser to quickly add an event to your Google Calendar no matter what you’re doing. Simply add the details like you normally would, and the event gets added to your calendar.

Clean Google Calendar

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 24

Price- Free

Main benefit- Makes Google Calendar look nicer and launches it as a desktop application.

Perhaps Google Calendar’s biggest drawback is its interface. It’s clunky, not particularly clear, and not intuitively-designed. Clean Google Calendar takes all the power of Google Calendar, but strips away the extra stuff that clutters up the UI. It also can launch as a desktop app, and operate offline, allowing you to manage your calendar without internet access.

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 25

Price- One-time fee of 49.95

Main benefit- Sync your Google Calendar and Outlook calendar automatically.

If you work in Outlook but also utilize Google’s suite of tools, like Calendar, then you know it’s not always easy keeping up with data split across multiple platforms. CompanionLink syncs your Google Calendar with your Outlook calendar and tasks, all done automatically with no manual sync required.


supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 26

Price- Starting at 25/mo

Main benefit- Tag events in your Google Calendar using Esper, and the program generates graphic charts that show where your time is going.

This is a terrific tool to help you find more time using your existing Google Calendar. All you have to do is tag your events with objectives or milestones. You can then use that data to generate graphic charts that show you how your time is being spent. From there, you can optimize your time to improve productivity around certain tasks or projects.


supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 27

Price- Free ($8 per user/mo for standard, $15 per user/mo for plus)

Main business- Receive Google Calendar reminders and updates within your Slack feed.

Businesses are starting to lean heavily on Slack for communication, making it easy for teams to stay connected and collaborate. It’s not just a great communication tool, though. It also integrates with Google Calendar so you can get your reminders and calendar updates directly through Slack. If that’s where you spend a lot of time, it’s the ideal way to know when an event is coming up.

Zoom Scheduler

supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 28

Main benefit- Integrates Zoom meeting notes and call-in information with Google Calendar events.

Zoom is a popular and easy-to-use platform for cloud meetings and mobile collaboration. This extension lets you schedule and rollout Zoom meetings directly from within your Google Calendar. Options include future scheduling, or immediately launching a Zoom meeting with a single click, with invitations sent out to all participants right from Google.


supercharge google calendar 29 extensions tools 29

Price- Starting at $19/mo for up to 5 users

Main benefit- Turns your Google Calendar into a GANTT chart that updates automatically as your calendar changes.

Google Calendar is already robust, but extensions like GANTTplanner offer so much more flexibility and productivity potential. A GANTT chart is a popular way to manage projects by graphs, broken up by milestones that are mapped to dates. GANTTplanner integrates with your Google Calendar, using existing data to create and track project activities. Since it’s tied to your Google Calendar, it updates automatically as your calendar changes.

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