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10 Home & Office Organization Tips For Under $10

10 home office organization tips for under 10
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Useful organization tips

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If you're looking to add more organization to your work and home life, there are some useful organization tips you can (and should!) take advantage of as soon as possible. Organization at work and at home can save you from time, stress, and even save you from losing out on money and time with family and friends, believe it or not.

Adopting these organization tips can also help your mental state both at home and in the office, benefits include a reduced rate of mental fatigue from scattered thoughts, a greater ability to focus on any task at hand, and some studies show it can even be visually appealing to have a home and work setting organized which may improve your overall sense of well-being due to visual cues that subconsciously affect our mood and stress levels.

In other words, following a few organization tips could seriously change your mindset! It's powerful stuff!

The following 10 organization tips for work and home will not only help you feel more in control and at ease in your work and home settings, but they'll also likely improve your entire day and may just save you some precious time and money too!

Organization Tips - 5 for Home & 5 for the Office

1. Home - Clear Bins for Your Fridge

You may be wondering what in the world this is for and why it benefits you. Clear bins can make great storage containers for your fridge, and you can use these to organize fruits, vegetables, condiments, snacks, and even leftovers, kid meals, and portable breakfast options for on-the-go breakfasts and lunches that you take to work.Clear bins help prevent foods from becoming jumbled and disorganized in your fridge which can not only improve the look of the inside of your fridge, but they can also help reduce the chances of food spoiling because they get lost in the shuffle. Consider putting leftovers that need to be eaten first in one bin, pre-bagged snacks in another, and meals you will take to work with you in another bin. Then, use the rest to organize your fruits, veggies, and condiments. Keep items like non-dairy milk and tubs of yogurt on the regular shelves; just be sure to organize them by date, (not by the order you purchased them), which will prevent them from going bad before you use them and help you eat the items when they're most fresh. You'll appreciate the time you save with this organization tip.

Home - Labels For Your Cabinets

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This organization tip is useful in similar ways as the clear bins method above. Labeling your shelves can help prevent you from placing items that don't belong in one area and having a huge mess in your pantry. Forget never being able to find something again, this method takes care of that. Create labels for spices, condiments, herbs, grains, canned veggies, protein powders or similar supplements, and create one for snacks. It's also helpful to place the items in the order by expiration date. While this can take some time to do when you first purchase the items and place them on the shelf, it can save you time later when you would normally have to sift through your pantry just to toss expired items or find one that's still in date. It can also save you money by preventing items from going to waste or getting lost in the jumbled assortment of foods in your pantry.

Home - A Mail Filing System

Consider having some sort of filing system to file your mail in, and place the mail that needs to be prioritized first under a file that says "High Priority, or VIP". Place bills in this folder and consider getting tabs so you can file them by due dates.Other folders in this filing system can contain mail such as subscriptions, advertisements you may want to take advantage of, and another file can contain letters, cards, and other types of mail you may want to keep or respond to when you have time.If you don't want to keep mail and want to trash it, consider shredding it before you do in order to prevent trash-related theft that can often occur by just tearing mail up and throwing it away.

Home - A Shoe Hanger

Shoe hangers are long shelving systems that hang in your closet and hold your shoes. Personally, a shoe hanger is my favorite of all the organization tips because they are so versatile, and budget-friendly. These are great because they organize your shoes by pairs and prevent you from having to keep shoes in boxes or thrown out all on the floor. They're also visually appealing and very affordable at stores like Target, Walmart, and similar types of superstores.However, you can use them for more than just your shoes! Use shoe hanging systems in your bathroom closets to hold your undergarments, towels and linens, and even your beauty or bath supplies too. They can be extremely helpful if you don't have a lot of shelves or tend to have items piled up in places that leave them cluttered.

Home - Wire Shelves for Your Cabinets

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If you have especially deep cabinets and longer, taller spaces in between shelves, you can benefit from wireless shelves for your cabinets that are both visually appealing and save space too. These allow you to stack more items on shelves which can save you space, stress from having to sort through the shelves each day, and they're highly affordable at any hardware or home improvement store. Many superstores like Walmart also carry these as well. Use these wire shelves in your towel and linen closets, pantry, and other areas where you have excessive head space in between each shelf so you can reduce wasted space.

Work - A Scheduling System like Zip Schedules

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If you work in the hospitality space, retail areas of business, or even a volunteer-related atmosphere, chances are you deal with a large number of employees and shifts which means erratic break schedules and consistent needs for changes to be made. Enter Zip Schedules! Zip Schedules is an amazing mobile-based scheduling system that employers and employees can both use to instantly connect with one another in case changes need to be made or circumstances come up that interfere with breaks and schedules.Imagine having no issues with break time conflicts, no one forgetting their schedule for the week, and no one not knowing where an employee is on any given day due to missed break alerts or poor communication. Zip Schedules takes care of all that and more, plus, it's one of the most user-friendly types of organization scheduling methods that exists!

Work - Your Alert and Timer on your Smartphone

This may be one of the best and cheapest organization tips for work that you can also use at home too. Use your timer and alert on your smartphone to stay organized within each task you do. It's so easy to get sidetracked at work and take too much time on one task or not give yourself enough time on one certain task before rushing off to start another. Set your timer and alert so you can utilize your time more efficiently. Then, be sure you save 30 minutes or so at the end of the day to have a chance to finish up anything you didn't get to finish later.Set priority for the most important things that must get done each day and start those first. Then, you'll know they are taken care of and you can be rest assured you have a little time left at the end of the day to catch up on anything else if needed. This organization tip not only saves you time, but it might also save you money and help you be a better employee!

Work - A Planner

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Call it old-school if you will, but having a visual planner can have many benefits over having only a digital option. There's no need to ditch your smartphone calendar or planner, but also consider having an actual planner you write in too. Seeing your tasks written down on paper and writing them down on paper can send cues to your brain that make them more real and also more valuable.Many people who use planners that they write in even feel less stressed and more in control. If you're creative and a visual learner, they may also provide benefits for how you perform and enjoy each task too! Just be sure to make it a point that you actually write in your planner. Save some time on the weekend or even on Monday to write your schedule, goals, and known tasks for the week ahead. Then, add items throughout the week as needed. Highlight them when they're completed, and feel free to use a pencil so you can erase and change anything that's needed.

Work - Google Drive and Using Folders on Your

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Do you have a million documents on your computer, or worse, on your desktop? It's time to clean all that up RIGHT now with one of my favorite organization tips. Consider using Google Drive instead of regular documents like Word that you have to manually download various documents onto your computer. Downloading and saving documents like Word documents take up space on your hard drive which also slows down your computer over time. And let's not even talk about how these can get deleted—what a nightmare! Google Drive saves everything live, right when you type it, and it has multiple types of word processing options such as Docs (equivalent to Word), and spreadsheets just like Excel. Most all businesses and freelancers use Google Drive now, and most companies that own a blog organize folders and files for writers using Google Drive because of its convenience, reliability, and mobile-friendly options.Google Drive's folders can also be taken advantage of to help you organize your files more easily. Let's say you have 10 clients that you're working with for any given task, or you have 10 major projects coming up for your business. Organize all the documents, spreadsheets, images, and other items by creating and keeping them on Google Drive.You never download anything to your computer unless you want to convert it to a Word document, PDF, jpeg image file, or something similar. Not only does Google Drive documents and files automatically convert to anything you choose, but you can also keep them in the cloud which never gets deleted and can be viewed anywhere on the go, including your smartphone and tablet.You can even edit your folders and files at any point and never have to save a thing. Google Drive does all that for you, and the folder system helps keep everything organized and neat too.

This method is also safe because you must have a Gmail account to use Google Drive and no one can access any file unless you share it with them and give them permission to view or edit the document, spreadsheet, or folder you're sharing with them.

Work - Muffin Tin Storage Cups

Finally, one last fun organization tip that is extremely useful and certainly a conversation starter is a muffin tin that you use for your desk drawer to organize all those pesky paper clips, erasers, staples, and other small items that end up lost in the shuffle of pens and pencils you keep. Keep a small or large muffin tin in your drawer and use each individual cup for whatever you like! Of course, you'll have to make sure the drawers are large enough, but if they're not, just buy the silicone baking muffin cups and use those instead since they're easy to sort and fit into anything you want.Remember, organization at work and home can make or break how well you work, how much time you waste, and it may have significant effects on your stress levels. As you can see, it might just save you a few bucks along the way too. Take advantage of these hacks, and try to think of 5 more organization tips you can use at work and at home to save even more time and stress while you're at it!

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