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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Los Angeles

the 10 best seafood restaurants in los angeles
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

For best results, seafood should be prepared in a way that accents its natural flavor without overwhelming it. Unlike a couple of years ago when the in the thing was to fry seafood with a lemon or a cocktail sauce on the side, today's chefs have invented amazing techniques for seafood preparation and presentation.

Los Angeles prides itself as home to some of the best seafood restaurants in the world today. Some of the seafood you will find here include scallop, crab, lobster, oyster, shrimp, and the usual fish.

If you are looking for the best seafood restaurant in LA, you may have to perform a deep research seeing that LA is indeed home to good seafood. But to make things easier for you, here is a list of best seafood restaurants in Los Angeles -


4451 Admiralty Way, Marina Del Ray, CA 90292

CAFE del REY qualifies as one of the best seafood restaurants in Los Angeles if its seafood menu is anything to go by. If you are a seafood enthusiast, you will feel at home in the company of their executive chef cum avid fisherman, Chuck Abair. Some of chef Abair's delicacies include a distinctive fish stew consisting of shellfish, assorted fish, chickpeas, orzo, and carrots among other ingredients. Others are shellfish, orzo, chickpeas, carrots, and fennel in a tomato broth, grilled tiger shrimp in a curry cilantro marinade, grouper, as well as Dorado with tzatziki, couscous, mint, red onion, and cucumber.

CAFE del REY hosts an annual dining package that includes a fishing expedition along the Pacific and an outdoor barbeque featuring the day's catch, amongst other delicacies. Judging from the menu, it's obvious that these guys understand seafood perfectly.


Viceroy Hotel Santa Monica, 1819 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90401

Considered by many as the best seafood restaurant in LA, CAST takes seafood lovers on an adventurous journey with a menu that features surprising twists and flavors. Its many menu options and big plates are what draw diners its way. Some of their best delicacies include a crispy fried whole red snapper served with noodles, Vietnamese vegetables, and herb salad, Maine lobster served with coconut, corn, lemongrass, and chanterelles, Dungeness crab risotto and Diver scallops with shisho vinaigrette and snap peas, and grilled octopus featuring Chickpea Panisse in tahini vinaigrette and couscous.

Blue Plate Oysterette

8048 W 3rd St. Los Angeles, CA 90048

A few years back, Santa Monica was the only locality where seafood enthusiasts could enjoy a wide range of seafood treats that only Blue Plate Oysterette can offer. Fortunately, with the establishment of the West Hollywood branch, diners no longer have to travel all way to Santa Monica to enjoy the restaurant's delicacies. Their popular menu consists of their most raved about lobster mac and cheese, Maine lobster in herbs, truffle oil and parmesan, fish & chips, lobster rolls, fried clams, mussels, crab cakes, and fish tacos among other seafood items. Blue Plate Oysterette has a traditional daily oyster hour where oysters go for extremely friendly prices served with a wide range of similarly affordable cocktails.

EMC Seafood & Raw Bar

3500 W 6th St. Los Angeles, CA 90010

The fact that EMC Seafood & Raw Bar is not situated near the ocean does not prevent it from serving only the freshest seafood. Having first opened its doors in 2013, this restaurant is a steady favorite among seafood enthusiasts in Los Angeles.

EMC Seafood & Raw Bar is known for its delicious oysters and lobster slathered with sea salt and tarragon butter.

L&E Oyster Bar

1637 Silver Lake Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90026

Based on the surprisingly fresh seafood served up by the restaurant, L&E Oyster Bar qualifies to be referred as the best seafood restaurant in LA and its environments. Their oyster menu is quite extensive and ranges from raw oyster served with vinegar, grilled oyster, and a fried version that features a side gribiche sauce.

The Hungry Cat

1535 Vine St. Los Angeles, CA 90028

The Hungry Cat has continued to amaze its guests with a creative range of seafood ever since the first day it opened its doors in 2005. Also considered as one of the best seafood restaurants in Los Angeles, The Hungry Cat's menu is worth a visit to any of its multiple branches. Among the house favorites are Maine lobster roll, stuffed trout featuring apples, sunchokes, squash, mushrooms and brown butter, and grilled octopus.

The Strand House

117 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

With its picturesque view of the Pacific Ocean, The Strand House is one of the seafood restaurants in LA that make seaside dining an experience to remember. Other than a tantalizing menu, the restaurant is known for it famous oyster cart which makes rounds right through the dining room every afternoon. The oyster cart features oysters, shrimp, lobster, caviar, prawns and traditional accompaniments. The house specialties include grilled fish tacos and Maine lobster roll.

The Lobster

1602 Ocean Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90401

Situated at the historic Santa Monica Pier, The Lobster has lived to its name by serving up what many seafood lovers consider the freshest lobster in Santa Monica and surroundings. Its rich lobster menu features the steamed American lobster with potatoes, green beans, and drawn butter; the butter poached American lobster, and the grilled American lobster lemon, garlic butter, and fresh herbs. The Lobster serves its lobster meals and a variety of other seafood as well, all day long.

Santa Monica Oyster Bar & Café

1000 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401

The Santa Monica Oyster Bar & Café does not only qualify to be among the best seafood restaurants in Los Angeles, but it is also a popular market for both fresh and refrigerated seafood where other seafood restaurants in LA come in to purchase their tuna, halibut, shellfish sea bass, etc.

Also known for a tantalizing menu, some of the seafood delicacies you will find in The Santa Monica Oyster Bar & Café include grilled and raw oysters, spicy swordfish, calamari fritti, cioppino fish and chips, and Pacific coast ceviche.

Connie and Teds

8171 Santa Monica Blvd. West Hollywood, CA 90046

While it is true that West Hollywood is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in Los Angeles, Connie and Teds seafood menu is in a class of its own. With everything on the menu being so delicious, it is easy to feel rather overwhelmed when ordering. Lobster by the pound served with herbed oil and Joanne's Fish and Chips are some of their meals that have gotten great customer reviews. So next time you are looking for the best seafood restaurant in LA, you may want to pay Connie and Teds a visit that is highly unlikely to disappoint.

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