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The 9 Best Apps to Download If You're a Freelancer or Self-Employed

the 9 best apps to download if youre a freelancer or self employed
Justin Stewart

By Justin Stewart

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There are a variety of apps available to make your job, whatever that may be, much easier. Let's take a look at some of the best apps that can improve your skills, help you multitask, or do plenty of other things!

1. Zip Checklist
Whether you have your own team or work alone, having checklists is a great way to stay on track and get all the necessary tasks done. As a task management app and software program, Zip Checklist helps you get what is most important completed first.

You can assign tasks to employees, and write what needs to be done in detail, to make sure that communication stays clear even when you're using an app. You're able to apply due dates, and keep up to date on which tasks have been completed and checked off the list, from the palm of your hand, anytime.

2. Mile IQ
When you're self-employed, you may not have a daily commute, but your miles still count. Mile IQ helps you keep track of your miles so you can write them off come tax season; this can also come in handy if you're traveling for work and charge by the mile.

It can be hard to remember to write down what your odometer reads when you get in the car, which is one reason why this app is helpful to have. It runs in the background as you drive, and is free if you take 40 trips per month or less. If you drive more than that, it's a fairly affordable app to use, especially if you find yourself forgetting to record your miles.

3. Grammarly
If you're a writer, or do any typing, Grammarly can be a great app to use, and it can be used on mobile or right on your laptop or desktop. Grammarly will auto correct any misspelled words, replace punctuation typed incorrectly, and suggest grammar improvements where necessary. Grammarly will make sure that whatever you type is free from error, and all of the grammar is proper and professional.

4. Hootsuite
Whether you run a small business or you are the social media manager for one, Hootsuite can be a great addition to the apps you use. This app is an incredibly low-cost way to advertise your business using social media. Hootsuite can schedule posts days ahead of time, on a variety of different social media platforms.

If you have a lot of events, workshops, or are running specials, Hootsuite can be useful, as it takes the time and confusion out of posting to several different platforms at specific times. In addition, you can pay $20 per month to get extra features, like analytics, host sweepstakes, and to have the option of adding up to 10 different social media profiles.

5. Zip Inventory
Another amazing app to have on hand is Zip Inventory. Zip Inventory is a great program to use if you run a business that sells products. Making sure your inventory is kept up to date is an easy way to save money and have the right amount of product you need to keep your customers happy.

Zip Inventory is an inventory management mobile app and software program that helps you keep track of your inventory and makes reordering easy. You'll be able to track how many of each item on your menu is selling and even see what's not selling well. If you own a coffee shop or small restaurant, this app is a must for whoever is taking your inventory.

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6. MailChimp
Do you have a mailing list that you need to keep up with? Do you send out emails often to let customers know when a sale is happening or when their order shipped? If you answered yes, MailChimp will likely be your saving grace.

You're able to build and manage your mailing list with ease and keep things professional while responding. You can automatically add advertisements to emails or send out e-newsletters if you need to update your following for any reason.

7. Zip Ordering
If you have trouble ordering the right amount of items or struggle with how often you need to place orders, Zip Ordering can be a great help to you and your business. You can use it to create ordering guides that your management team can follow, and you can easily send these guides to your suppliers.

It's an app that provides communication between suppliers, businesses and management teams. You are able to customize your orders and adjust as needed. Zip Ordering will also help you if you struggle with inventory, as you'll be able to see how much you do or do not need.

8. ShipStation
If you're on the other end of things and need to ship items out to customers, ShipStation can greatly improve your business. It keeps an automatic inventory and helps get the product out to the customer properly. You're able to use the app on your computer or on your Android or iOS device. Whether you're shipping 10 or 10,000 packages a month, ShipStation is affordable and will help get the job done with ease.

9. Evernote
Have you ever been driving or at a meeting and you came up with a great idea or thought of something to add to a PDF file? It isn't always easy to grab a piece of paper and a utensil to write down an idea you came up with or jot down something to remember, and that is where Evernote comes in.

Whether you're using an Android, a computer, or an iPad, you're able to install their app just about anywhere. This app will sync across any device you use. You're able to add images, update your checklists, view PDF files, and more, with Evernote.

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