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The Benefits of Hospitality Apps and Their Latest Features

the benefits of hospitality apps and their latest features

the benefits of hospitality apps and their latest features 337

Think about it this way, the hospitality industry has undergone some incredible changes over the past decade. More hotels are using apps and technology to deliver a better experience to their customers. What’s more, this technology is making it easier for the hospitality industry to deliver a highly personal and exceptional service to customers.

That means hospitality apps should be a crucial part of any hotel, resort, or B&B’s strategy, as it can help drive customer engagement, increase bookings, and build customer loyalty.

Best of all, you don’t even have to search far and wide for the best hospitality apps - you can find them all right at Hubworks.com!

Why Hubworks?

The better question might be, why not Hubworks?

We’ve worked with the best designers, engineers, and developers to create the kind of hospitality apps that will take your business to the next level. Each of our apps is designed to deliver the kind of seamless performance you need to keep your business running at full speed.

Each app is designed to integrate with the tools you use the most. Whether you work from your tablet, smartphone, or desktop, our hospitality apps can be used wherever your business takes you.

Even cooler, all of our apps come with a FREE trial. There’s no credit card needed to download our hospitality apps - this means you’re just seconds away from enjoying the best hospitality apps in the business.

It’s just the kind of service you can expect from the pros at Hubworks!

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Our Hospitality Apps’ Latest Features

our hospitality apps latest features 339

So what can you expect from the hospitality apps at Hubworks? Here are a few benefits you’ll discover with our innovative mobile apps -

  • Data Snapshots - Make business decisions with more confidence. Our Zip POS Dashboard app aggregates all of your data, giving you a quick look at what’s making your hotel so successful.
  • Time Tracking - You have more important things to focus on which is why we offer a special time tracking app. With this app, you can reward excellent employee performance, while identifying revenue busters, like time theft and buddy clock punching.
  • Hotel-Wide Task Integration - Give everyone in your hotel the tasks they need to work on - all with just the tap of your finger. Our Zip Checklist App makes it possible for you and your employees to share tasks, get updates on projects, and send notes to one another. It’s the best way to manage work without needing to be everywhere at once. offers even more hospitality apps, with innovative features and benefits. Check them out by visiting our app market!

Hubworks offers even more hospitality apps, with innovative features and benefits. Check them out by visiting our app market!

Discover the Power of Hubworks

Take your hotel, motel, B&B, or inn to the next level with our powerful hospitality apps. Try them out for FREE - no questions asked. Get started by visiting Hubworks!

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