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The Best Apps for Personal Task Management

the best for personal task management
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

These Apps Will Manage Every Aspcet of Your Business

What was once a simple choice between a handwritten to-do list, manual checklist, and Post-it note is now a mind-blowing choice between hundreds of various apps aimed at improving the daily routine and managing the numerous tasks effectively. Whether you need a basic shopping list, online notes for your employees, or profound software to manage the projects together with your team, nowadays you have a great variety of apps to choose from. But what makes the best task management apps and how to choose the software for your needs? It's easier than you thought.

Task Management Methods

Before you make the final choice and even before you start to look for the right app for your situation, you need to decide what task management method you use. It depends on various factors such as-
a. Whether or not you need to schedule and delegate the tasks
b. Whether or not you need to monitor the progress
c. How often do you need to update the information
d. Whether you want to download the bulky software or want to use the modern cloud-based app instead
e. How much you are willing to spend
f. The number of your employees

Once you answered all these questions it's time to decide what employee task management tools will work best in your current situation-
a. The Grocery List apps are perfect to organize a few simple tasks in a basic list
b. Getting Things Done (GTD) apps are powerful time management tools for a team or company that works on the same projects.
c. App integration tools that enable you to regulate the workflow when you and your employees use various types of to-do lists
d. Apps that give you an opportunity to visualize your progress
e. Plain text apps that give you freedom to manage tasks in any way you want
f. Professional and affordable software that combines all of the needs above will have even more useful tools for the effective task management (the best option for real professionals!)

While trendy yet expensive apps focus mainly on one feature (such as the grocery list apps or GTD apps), the free apps look more like basic to-do lists and lack many essential options when you are working as a team  and on more than one task at a time. So the best decision for an innovative company here will be the cloud-based staff task management software created by the professionals and for the professionals. And currently Zip Checklist is one of the best task management apps available.

Zip Checklist

For managing every aspect of your countless projects as well as communicating with your team
Who says you can't have it all? With Zip Checklist, you can do everything – from simple to-do lists to profound dynamic checklists you can comment and update.
Pros- delegate and schedule tasks, assign them to certain employees, track the progress and check out the deadlines online. Update your lists anytime and from any location, use the reminders, visualize the goals of the day and store your data in on place. No bulky software is required! Moreover, you can download free apps for Apple or Android to access the checklists and instantly communicate with your team.
Cons- Requires Internet access
Price- $19 a month
Special offers- Get your month free (no credit card is required) to try all of the amazing special features of Zip Checklist today!

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