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The Best Retail Mobile Apps for 2016

best retail mobile app
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Retail Mobile Apps

2016 is finally here – and that means the folks here at Hubworks are looking at new ways to make this the best year for retail mobile apps.

Last year, we helped more retailers than ever streamline their scheduling, improve employees performance, and track the most important metrics that make a difference in their stores. With so much emphasis on retail stores, it’s no wonder we’ve made it to several 'best retail mobile apps' lists for

Now we’re turning our eye to 2016 – and we’re ready to take the world by storm. Want to see what we have in store for retailers over the coming year? Take a look at the best retail mobile apps poised to take over in 2016-

Zip Checklist- Enjoy Better Transparency and Efficiency

One of the best ways to create a more transparent – in other words, productive – retail store is to use our Zip Checklist App. It’s truly one of the easiest ways to manage all those annoying tasks that keep bogging you down. What’s more, you can even track all the tasks that your employees are up to, so everyone has a better idea of what’s going on in the store

Check out the benefits that had people talking about Zip Checklist in 2015 – and why it’s still going to be the talk of the town in 2016-

a. You can easily create new checklists and checklist templates
b. The app shows compliance with legal regulations
c. You can easily accept or reject employee requests
d. All employees can see what’s been done – and what’s left to do

Best of all, your employees can access feedback that goes beyond a simple yes or no – meaning your workers will be able to improve their performance without requiring lots of one-on-one time. No wonder this app made our best retail mobile apps list!

Introducing Our Newest App for 2016

Looking for the latest app that’s going to take the world – and your smartphone – by storm? Then it’s time to introduce your-self to Zip Forecast, the newest member of the Hubworks family. We’re already predicting that this mobile app will find its way onto several “best retail mobile apps” simply because it makes it incredibly easy to predict when your biggest sales are about to happen.

When you work in the retail industry, it’s incredibly important to know when customers are about to buy up your inventory – and when your store may go through a dry spell. That’s where this forecasting app comes into play. Check out all the benefits of this retail mobile app for yourself-

a. You can get started in just five minutes
b. Your data is presented to you quickly and efficiently
c. Quickly learn from the past – and never repeat those mistakes again
d. Prepare your store for a hike in sales
e. Save on staffing and marketing costs

Having the Zip Forecast app on your smartphone is like being able to predict your retail store’s future!

Looking for more of the best retail mobile apps for 2016 and beyond? Then it’s time to visit!

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