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The Can’t-Miss Apps For Restaurants

launched apps for restaurants
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Apps for Restaurant

Whether you own or manage a restaurant, you know one thing is true no matter where you go- running a restaurant can often feel like you’re working in a madhouse.

Think about it. At any given time, you’re running around the restaurant giving instructions to your staff, taking care of customers, and making sure your food is up to par. And that doesn’t even include scheduling employee shifts, filling out paperwork, and making sure your bottom line is healthy.

Sounds pretty familiar, right? Well, that’s exactly why we’ve just launched the can’t-miss apps for restaurants.

These are the kind of restaurant apps that are so intuitive, they practically predict your schedule before you do. They make everything about running a restaurant a breeze – to the point where you might be wondering if there’s a clone of you running around out there.

Ready to learn more about the apps for restaurants you can’t live without?

An Intuitive Scheduler App

Coming up with employee schedules week after week can be a real pain in the you-know-what. That’s why the can’t miss apps for restaurants include Zip Schedules – an employee scheduler app that takes the guesswork out of this time-consuming task.

With Zip Schedules, you can quickly and easily plan your employees’ schedules – all from the convenience of your smartphone. Zip Schedules lets you-

a. Get started on your first shift in mere minutes
b. Creates standard shifts and schedules
c. Provides alerts on potential labor law breaches
d. Easily accepts or rejects employee requests
e. Allows for delivery schedules
f. Creates schedules to align with weekly labor budgets

It’s the kind of scheduler app that can help you create the best possible schedule for all your employees.

No wonder it’s included in our list of apps for restaurants you need!

A Checklist That GETS It

Be honest – when you think of checklists, you think of boring, paper-made checklists that you ignore after a few days, right?

That’s why you need to get your hands on Zip Checklist, one of the best apps for restaurants we’ve launched. It may not sound glamorous, but this restaurant app turns even the most hectic to-do list into a breeze. And whether you’re a restaurant manager of a large place or the owner of the small café on the corner, Zip Checklist can help you get stuff done. Plus, Zip Checklist helps you stay compliant with legal regulations, allows you to easily accept or reject employee requests, and be more transparent with what still needs to be done for the day. It’s easy to see why this FREE app made it onto our list of the apps for restaurants you can’t live without.

Want More? Hubworks Gets You More – For Free

Want more of the best apps for restaurants? Then it’s time to visit Hubworks’ app market, where you’ll find killer apps and tools designed to help accelerate your restaurant’s success.

There’s no credit card required to download these apps for restaurants, AND they work on smartphones, tablets, and desktop.

Go on – treat yourself to new apps for restaurants. Treat yourself to Hubworks.

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