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The Employee Review | Attendance Monitoring with Zip Schedules

the employee review attendance monitoring with zip schedules
Victoria Brunette

By Victoria Brunette

How Scheduling Software Can Influence Employee Reviews

The employee review is a dreaded, but certainly necessary, performance-monitoring tool that acts to manage the expectations managers have of their employees. For employees, it can be equated to a monthly, quarterly, or yearly threat of job loss if they're concerned with their job performance or attendance. For employers, it can be a bit of a headache having to observe, monitor, and evaluate each employee and then set aside time to meet with them and discuss their performance. The thing is, though, it doesn't have to be this way!
One of the big themes of this blog is the ongoing discussion on how to leverage modern restaurant management technology of all sorts to make your job as an administrator easier, and the experience of your employees and customers consistently positive. When it comes to an employee review, scheduling software can be used to boost productivity in the employee review process and attendance accountability among employees themselves.
Let's further explore the above points, as well as drill down into the idea of how this software can be used to meet employee review goals in your business. We will address some common concerns with the employee review process, including the accuracy of assessments, something that scheduling software, such as Hubworks' Zip Schedules, can help to greatly curb and streamline. With all that said, let's get into the key points so you can be on your way to a more efficient and effective employee review process!

Scheduling Software to Boost Productivity

One of the main functions of scheduling software is to streamline the process of conducting an employee review for administrators. This is a more intuitive idea than it may at first appear. Scheduling software is designed to highlight the discrepancies between employee attendance and your intended shift schedule. This is achieved by intently tracking the intended schedule, employee attendance, and the actual adherence to the original schedule. All of the information you need to manage and evaluate employees on their attendance, a major component of the employee review process, will be provided using the right scheduling software.
So how can you utilize this information for your employee performance review? By being able to see the original shift schedule, and how closely your employees followed it, you will be better able to assess which employees called out, how often they've done so, and for what reasons. In some cases, such as emergencies, call-outs are unavoidable and should not be used against an employee strictly on those grounds. However, for those employees who provide no reason, or call out sick frequently, it is important to consider these cases more intently. All of this information will be at your fingertips, allowing you to quickly assess attendance patterns without needing to ruffle through various paper files, schedules and other notes to obtain the same information.

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Scheduling Software Can Boost Employee Accountability


With employers able to easily access all relevant attendance data for a given time or for a specific employee, staff members will undoubtedly be more inclined to be on top of their game. With knowledge that their managers have mobile access to their attendance information, proper attendance is greatly increased among employees. Some emergencies are unavoidable and should be recognized as such by administrators if they intend to maintain a positive relationship with their employees. However, by demonstrating the effective monitoring of attendance that occurs when scheduling software is employed, administrators send a strong message to employees that they can easily access this information. It will become much more difficult for employees to maintain a poor level of attendance under an increased watch. The employee review process becomes easier and more reliable with attendance reports provided by scheduling software such as Zip Schedules.

Importance of Accuracy in Scheduling Software when Reviewing Employees

An essential aspect of using scheduling software to inform an employee performance review is the fact that it is entirely contingent on accurate information. While information accuracy is the foundation of this system working properly, it is still possible for there to be errors in information the system provides. However, these errors will be exceedingly less common than with your typical, pen-and-paper method of scheduling. This should eliminate at least some of the stress involved in managing the data necessary for employee performance reviews.
We hope that this article has helped to simplify your employee review process. One of the essential things to take away from using employee scheduling software to manage employee reviews is that the information therein must be accurate, something that only a system of double-checking can truly confirm. However, these systems will make the entire process easier, not just on you, but on your employees as well. If you'd like to learn more about our easy, online employee scheduling software featuring an app that adds mobility and increases efficiency while improving employee communication, check out Zip Schedules by Hubworks.

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