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The Latest Apps for Hotels at Hubworks

the latest apps for hotels at hubworks
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

You pride yourself on running the best kind of hotel – one where your guests feel comfortable and relaxed as soon as they walk through your entrance.

But as your guests unwind, they don't see what's happening behind-the-scenes. They don't notice your employees running around like crazy, trying to make sure that all requests are met in a timely manner. They don't see your housekeeping staff quickly cleaning all the rooms, leaving everything absolutely spotless.

And they certainly don't see you running the show without even breaking a sweat.

Let's face it – you could use apps for hotels. The kind of apps that are so seamlessly integrated into your daily operations that you hardly notice they're there. The kind of hotel apps that are so powerful, they're practically like an executive assistant.

Sounds like a great dream, right?

Well, here at Hubworks, we've made it happen – and we're proud to introduce the best apps for hotels you'll find on the market.

Discover an Easier Way to Schedule Your Employees

When you're running a busy hotel, the last thing you want to worry about is employee performance. Managing housekeepers, restaurant staff, managers, and other support staff can be a big hassle…

And that's why Hubworks has made it incredibly easy with our Zip Shiftbook app. Consider this FREE app to be the most powerful way to keep track of what your employees are up to. This standout tool from our apps for hotels allows you to easily track employee performance, without even breaking a sweat.

With this hotel app, users can -

a. Easily document and share everything that happens during a shift with other managers
b. Improve your service by maintaining a digital record of employee performance and share information about accidents, illness, and availability
c. Quickly access contact information for suppliers, maintenance services, and employees
d. Keep pertinent files handy with the assurance that they are stored safe and sound on the cloud.

Best of all, you can get these incredible features for absolutely FREE.

Automatic Payroll Made Easy

Paying your employees on time with the accurate amount of pay is an important part of being a great employer – but sometimes, life gets busy. That's why you need automated software that helps you automatically track your employees' time, while ensuring they get paid on time with accurate pay.

That's where the Zip Clock App comes in. This FREE app – available in our apps for hotels – allows you to view your employees' schedules in one place, as well as ensure that employees are working the appropriate schedules. This mobile app can even cut down on time theft and buddy punching, which can sap away revenue from your hotel operation.

It's just another example of how Hubworks has made the best apps for hotels in the industry.

Find Apps for Hotels at Hubworks

Ready to take your hotel business to new heights? Then it's time to discover apps for hotels at Each app is FREE to download, and can be used on smartphones, tablets, and even desktop computers.

Go on – give your hotel business the boost it needs. Visit today!

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