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The Time Schedule Template

the time schedule template
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee Schedule Template

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Are you aware that almost all states and countries have laws that require a restaurant manager or owner to keep or preserve the employment records of all employees? If you are already aware of this law, or you just realized there is such a law through this article, download a time schedule template from Zip Schedules for free and see just how easy adhering to this law can be.

Time Schedule Template – Keeping Employee Records

Some of the basic employee records you should keep regardless of the country or state your business is located include the following-

Personal details, such as full name, current address, phone numbers, including emergency phone numbers, email address, qualifications, and disabilities if any. Such details can easily be recorded in time schedule templates which can be downloaded in Word, Excel, and XLS formats from Zip Schedules.
Employment history details such as job titles, starting date, and promotions if any.
Absence records, time off records, tardiness records, and other authorized or unauthorized absences.
Agreed terms and conditions, including copies of written statements or correspondence regarding the terms and conditions.
Records of disciplinary actions ever taken against the employee, including records of disciplinary hearings and disciplinary warnings.

Time Schedule Template – Make Sure to Preserve Records

If your restaurant is in the US, the federal government requires you to preserve the following records for at least 3 years after the employee has left your business-

Payroll records.
Employee personal details, including name, address, phone numbers, address and so on.
The role he/she plays or played in your restaurant.
Records of hours worked each day or every week.
Records of wages paid, plus the date when the wages were released. Such records should include overtime and deductions if any.

While it is true that making such records can be a hectic affair, you really don't have another option, you must comply with the laws or risk being fined or imprisoned. However, it is possible to make this task easier and more fun with ready-made time schedule templates from Zip Schedules. Such templates are easily adaptable and can therefore be used to create all kinds of records, including those required by law.

Time Schedule Template – Record Creation Made Easier

According to the federal law, you should also preserve the following employee records for 2 years or more-

Time cards and earning cards
Wage rate tables
Work schedules – which you can easily make and preserve via Zip Schedules shift planner app.

Time Schedule Template – Easy Record Creation and Preservation

The federal law also requires all employers to include the following details on the employee's pay stub when paying the wages-

The name of the employer
The name of the employee and the last 4 digits of his or her social security number
Dates or days being paid for
Gross wages earned
Hourly rate
Total hours worked
Net wages earned

To download your free time schedule template, go to Zip Schedules and follow the instructions given. After you have downloaded your template, edit it as you wish and type in the details you wish.

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