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The Top 10 Employee Motivational Strategies You Can Implement Today

the top 10 employee motivational strategies you can implement today
Caroline Sams

By Caroline Sams

Hiring employees is costly in terms of monetary value and the time investment it requires to advertise your open positions, screen candidates, and perform your onboarding processes. Unfortunately, hiring an employee and getting them up to speed in your business is only half the battle. According to a polling report conducted in 2013 by Gallup, the lack of employee engagement and motivation costs US businesses roughly 550 billion dollars in lost productivity each year. If you aren't taking the proper steps to combat employee disengagement, it's likely that part of this statistic is coming out of your businesses pockets!

The Top 10 Employee Motivational Strategies You Can Implement Today

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Tip 1 Create an Easy-to-Use and Well-Updated Workplace Environment

You've heard the you have to spend money to make money quote before, but do you fully understand how it impacts your employees' ability to be productive? Making a conscious investment in updated and relative technology can improve the efficiency and overall happiness level of your employees. A good example could be replacing your outdated employee clock in technology with easy-to-use time management hardware and software, such as the Zip Clock. A biometric time clock, like Zip Clock, gives employees a portal to enter and exit the workday while providing transparency and an array of helpful data that may otherwise not be available to the employees via traditional clock in methods.

Tip 2 Clearly Define the Expectations and the Job Duties of Staff

A common report from unhappy and underperforming employees is that they simply don't know what task they are responsible for completing; this not only negatively detracts from employee productivity but causes insurmountable amounts of stress and uncertainty, which goes on to create further problems, such as lack of communication, anger, distrust, and lack of accountability. Giving your employees a clear set of tasks with the ability to check them off is of the utmost importance, especially when managing more than a couple of people. The team task management system from Zip Checklist offers a clearly defined list of tasks with their respective expectations ready to be checked off by the team member that completes it. With task management software, managers can ensure that everyone knows what they need to be doing, keeping your team focused on the tasks that matter most to your business operations.

Tip 3 Give Your Employees a Checklist to Encourage Consistency

Humans, although sometimes unpredictable, thoroughly enjoy consistency. Consistency makes us comfortable and helps to hold us accountable. Without out it, life in and out of work may seem chaotic and stressful. Offering your employees a simple way to check off their daily tasks to ensure they don't forget and are held accountable for their duties is a proven method to not only ensuring the work gets done but alleviating some of the stress surrounding day-to-day activities. A great example of providing your employees with the appropriate in the restaurant space would be the implementation of Zip HACCP food safety software. The Zip HACCP food safety software makes it easy for managers to create a safety checklist where each employee can check off every task as they complete them, ensuring you're restaurants are always up to code and participating the safest food environment as possible.

Tip 4 You'll Catch More Bees With Honey Than Vinegar

It may seem like a no-brainer, but unfortunately, one of the top employee complaints is the low quality of communication between them and the people they answer to. Having managers capable of communicating in a professional but also personable and respectful way is one of the most impactful attributes on employee motivation. No one wants to work for someone that doesn't respect them. Hiring managers may seem simple; if they have education, such as a business management degree and/or prior management experience in a related field, they should be a good fit, right? Not always. Providing your managers with the proper training and education could impact the performance of every employee throughout the organization. We talked about spending money to make money earlier, and that still applies here. Offer leadership and communication training to your managers, whether that be through the use of online courses, college tuition reimbursement for related courses, or sending them to specialized leadership seminars.

Tip 5 Streamline and Introduce Technology in the Workplace

Technology is constantly giving us better ways to achieve things, and your business should be harnessing these new technologies to remain competitive. From an employee's point of view, it always seems like employers are asking more of them for less compensation. However, when their competitors are outdoing them, it's a matter of their employees not working hard enough.

Unfortunately, this isn't always the case, and more often than not, that competing business is leveraging better technology, enabling their employees to work the same hours with the same effort but at a much higher level of efficiency. Let's take data entry into account for an example here. Data entry is prone to errors and becomes boring very quickly. By using Any Connector's integration tool, your employees can increase the speed and accuracy at which they conduct data entry, keeping your business competitive without further taxing your employees.

Tip 6 Setting Achievable Goals Is a Powerful Employee Motivator

If you talk to any successful person, they'll likely clue you in on the fact that they set out goals before lifting a finger. Goal setting is by far one of the most powerful tools you can use to motivate your employees and hold them accountable. By using the Zip Forecast sales planner, you can empower your managers to set data-driven achievable but challenging goals and share them with your employees to ensure everyone is working towards a common accomplishment. Furthermore, doing so may help managers in giving bonuses and rewards to employees that consistently accomplish or exceed the goals defined by management, thereby offering your employees a sense of value for achieving the companies expectations.

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Tip 7 Accurately Define Weak Points With Data

A common workplace complaint from unhappy employees is the act of being blamed for something that may be out of their control. By implementing software, such as Zip Reporting, your managers are capable of creating reports that more accurately reflect your businesses strengths and weaknesses. Business reporting software allows management to hold employees accountable and reward individual employees for their exceptional work, instead of blaming entire teams for missing the mark. Furthermore, your managers will be capable of sharing these reports, increasing workplace transparency and creating a more friendly and inclusive environment for employees. People like to see how their hard work is paying off or how they may improve, so by giving them easy to use data, you'll be further motivating those overachievers and giving a kick in the butt to those slacking.

Tip 8 Flexible Work Schedules Increase Employee Motivation

How many people thoroughly enjoy the 9-5 Monday-Friday work schedule? If you ask around, it'll probably be clear that the answer is- not many. In most cases, a business may not need every employee to show up every day and work at the same hours as everyone else. Offering employees a chance to work from home or work hours tailored around their personal lives improves their workplace happiness. Doing so has been scientifically proven to increase employee satisfaction more than incremental salary raises or monetary bonuses and likely won't cost you a thing, so long as you've implemented the above tips to hold these employees accountable and keep them focused on tasks they are responsible for.

Tip 9 Party!

Now, I'm not suggesting you hire a world-class DJ and turn your office into a rave, but you can occasionally bring some pizza, play some music, and create an enjoyable environment every so often to alleviate all that pent up stress and frustration. Employees love the idea of being valued, and when you take a few extra steps to show that you care, that seems to do incredibly well at motivating employees to work for you. A little pizza break and a refreshing change of pace could make all the difference; give it a shot!

Tip 10 Talk, Discuss, Converse, etc. With Your Employees

Your employees hold vital information surrounding the idea of what motivates them. Not every tip in this article, or any tips you've found anywhere else, will be applicable to every person. By talking to your employees and asking them what they want, you'll likely save yourself a lot of time trial and erroring on motivational strategies and skip to the point of what works. Maybe someone hates the music you play, or they're allergic to the cheese on the pizza you bring in on Fridays making it impossible for them to enjoy it. You won't know until you ask, and asking costs you nothing. Furthermore, it makes people happy when they know they are being heard. Acknowledging something an employee mentioned to you and implementing it may impact the value an employee feels, further increasing their motivation.

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