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The Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Schedule Maker Free of Charge

the top 10 reasons to invest in a schedule maker free of charge
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Schedule Maker Free of Charge

As a manager or the person in charge of employee scheduling in your company, are you aware that it is possible to invest in a relatively decent schedule maker free of charge? Before we get to that, would you agree that manual scheduling with Microsoft Excel is a bit tedious and seemingly outdated? There is no doubt that some of your complaints about manual scheduling would include something along the lines of inefficient and extremely time consuming.

Every business leader or manager out there who hopes to improve the profitability of a business must keep looking for ways to improve employee productivity. There are many ways to achieve optimum employee productivity, and successful scheduling is definitely among them. When an effective planning and scheduling strategy is utilized, tasks are completed on time and in general, everything flows as it should.

But as most managers can attest, when carried out manually, the process of scheduling employees is not easy and is in most cases results in mistakes and over or under scheduling. What's interesting, however, is that even in 2016, when it is possible to use an automated schedule maker free of charge, some managers are still using traditional employee scheduling methods. The hospitality industry is especially behind in terms of scheduling software.

While it is true that traditional scheduling methods will solve an urgent problem such as getting you an immediate replacement in case of an unexpected absence, that's as far as an outdated scheduling strategy can take you.

On the other hand, a web-based schedule maker, free or premium, can produce instant savings and other great benefits for any business or company out there, be it large or small.

The immediacy and convenience of 2016, thanks to the internet, mobile devices, and specialty software forces all industries to implement processes that minimize wasted time, resources or money. The last thing an employee wants to do is to stop by the office or business premises to check whether the schedule has changed or not. The truth is that humans make mistakes all the time; schedules change, employees fail to answer phone calls,fall sick, or have unexpected emergencies. On the whole, with a manual scheduling process, communicating schedule changes is not as simple as many managers would like it to be.

Investing in scheduling software

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Investing in scheduling software, or a schedule maker, means that employees get to access their schedules from any desktop or mobile device. New schedules and schedule changes are sent directly to their emails and notifications are sent to their phones via SMS making it highly impossible for them to miss shifts due to poor communication processes.

Another reason scheduling software has been more popular in recent years is the ability to accommodate individual scheduling needs. One thing that many business owners and managers have in common is forgetting or misplacing time off requests, which consequently results to employees being scheduled for shifts or days they can't work. Forgetting employee requests is not a simple matter, it demoralizes them and this can affect their productivity and the ultimate bottom line of a business.

Automated schedule makers codify all types of employee request, including holiday requests, early in/out requests, and time off requests. When your business is in a position to accommodate employee requests and preferences, productivity tends to be on point because happier employees are more likely to give their all. An online scheduler minimizes the chances of labor shortages and consequently, your customers can always expect excellent customer service whenever they visit your business.

Advantages of using a web-based scheduling solution

Other major advantages of using a web-based scheduling solution include the following -

1. Helps in keeping track of employee attendance
2. Helps in managing vacation and holiday time more effectively
3. Dramatically reduces the amount of paperwork
4. Makes it easier to manage the payment system
5. Increases overall management productivity
6. Gets rid of common scheduling conflicts
7. Reduces common human errors
8. Lowers production costs
9. Minimizes employee disagreements
10. Reduces employee turnover

So, how do you go about using an automated schedule maker free of charge? It's really very simple, just type "schedule maker free" into your search box and your search engine will generate a number of free products for you to choose from. There will be no need for you to purchase or install extra software or hardware. All that is required of you is to choose the vendor that suits you best, sign up, and you are good to go.

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Most scheduling software come with an interface or dashboard that is extremely easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. You will be able to view the day's or week's schedules and easily move shifts from employee to employee until you come up with a workable schedule. You will also be able to create and save schedule templates for future use if you wish.

While it is true that most free versions of online employee scheduling software will simplify the process of scheduling, a free system might not be able to service a large number of employees. A free account might also not come with some important features that only a premium version can provide. Fortunately, you can still make use of a premium schedule maker free of charge, but only for a limited period of time or a trial period. Most scheduling software vendors offer free trials to give potential customers a chance to evaluate their services before making a financial commitment.

In conclusion, implementing an online schedule maker is not as expensive as you may be thinking. As we have already seen, there is no need for you to purchase or install extra software or hardware, which makes them extremely easy to set up. So, whether you own or manage a grocery store, a restaurant, a hotel chain, or a home care agency, an online schedule maker, whether free or premium, will be able to streamline your business and make scheduling headaches a thing of the past.

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