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10 Ways to Improve Your Task Management Skills

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Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Bump up Your Yearly Revenue with These Task Management Skills

Success is something all career-driven people desire, yet only few of them manage to create a flourishing business. Well organization is the key to work efficiently and any entrepreneur should start first with the basics of task management. It means learning how to manage every task through its life cycle, including planning, testing, and tracking. Labor task management software was created to guide you through all these steps and make this year count.

Learn about Zip Checklist and the ways this task management app helps you to manage various tasks! To begin with, here are 10 easy tips that will help you to improve your time management skills in no time.

Task Management

Set Easy Goals
Setting goals and completing the projects step-by-step will help you to stay productive and motivated to get the job done. Try to break complicated tasks down to their simplest form – a single easy step that can be completed in one sitting. All in all, limiting tasks to a single action time is a smart move that will make your job seems easier.


Try to prioritize every task. Start with the urgent ones and then gradually move to the rest of the list. Zip Checklist enables you to create dynamic checklist with priority tasks on top and post the last-minute tasks on a dashboard, so you will never miss them.

Assign Due Dates
Setting the reminders every time you face the urgent task will eventually make you more punctual and efficient. Once you listed you tasks in priority order, it's time to assign due dates because obviously you can't finish them all in one day. Just be honest with yourself setting the realistic deadlines and don't try to complete the project earlier than it's possible.

Manage Shift Schedule Online
Cloud-based shift scheduling software can automate, assign, and allow self-scheduling of shifts in real time, which simplifies the shift management and allows you to focus on other tasks more.

Separate Tasks Into Categories
First, create a set of categories that correspond to projects characteristics. Then, every time you have a new task, assign it to the appropriate category using the keywords.

Achieve and Celebrate Important Milestones
Celebrating important project milestones is a great way to track the progress of work and see the results. Each important milestone shows that you keep going and motivate you to work even more.

Make Daily Task Planning Your New Habit
At the end of the day, take some time to review your accomplishments and plan the next day carefully by creating a new list.

Remember Your Tasks
It's helpful to do a "brain dump" each Saturday or Sunday making a list of all forgotten or non-important tasks you couldn't complete for weeks. Write down all your assignments and projects so that you can capture everything.

Avoid Procrastination
Since it affects your productivity a lot, procrastination should be avoided at all costs. This means that you need to silent your phone every time you work on a project, close Facebook, and open no more than 3 tabs at a time.

Start Early
Working in the morning rather than evening or night gives you plenty of time to think, sit, and plan your day. Moreover, morning people tend to be more calm, energized, organized, and clear-headed so they work better and finish the assignments faster than people who wake up at noon.

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