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3 Reasons Why You Need Order Tracking Software | Zip Ordering

3 reasons why you need order tracking software zip ordering
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Learn how order tracking software can help your business grow

Order tracking software has been around a long time, but it's never been as powerful and multi-functional as it is today. Learn our top 3 reasons why you need order tracking software for your business to truly succeed.

Order Tracking Software- The Misunderstood Tool

Sometimes it doesn't matter if you're well-versed in technology and modern mobile apps or not; understanding the purpose and true strengths of certain pieces of software can be tricky. While developers often try to be clever with the names of their apps, they often forget that clarity of purpose is important, too. With a name like 'order tracking software,' you'd expect its purpose to be obvious. It certainly does track orders like the name implies. However, there are a host of other uses for this neat little tool that many users overlook.

Our article will cover the top 3 reasons why you shsould be using order tracking software in your business. And trust us, those reasons go beyond simple order tracking capabilities.

What is Order Tracking Software?

Before we can examine the top 3 benefits of order tracking software for small to medium businesses, we should define exactly what we're talking about. One of the issues with software names is that the same name can be used to describe two vastly different products. For example, order tracking software for a consumer would be a simple app installed on a mobile device that helps them track when their package will arrive. For businesses, however, order tracking software is far more complicated. The consumer version is meant for one user with a pre-defined list of locations their orders will go to, while the business order tracking app is designed to handle hundreds or thousands of orders going to and coming from all kinds of places, people, and businesses.

Obviously, the amount of information these two apps will have to process is quite a bit different, so it stands to reason that the business tracking software will need more tools, features, and power. That's the kind we're discussing today—the feature-rich business apps that can help streamline massive amounts of orders coming in and out while keeping managers abreast of every aspect at the tap of a finger.

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Order Tracking Software

order tracking software

That quick lesson should give you a basic idea of which software we'll be covering, and by the end of this article you should know a lot more. There are many aspects of tracking software we'd like to include, but we know you're busy running your business, so we'll restrict it to the top 3 for now. Later, we'll give you a link to help you find more information. For now, our top 3 benefits of order tracking software you should be taking advantage of.

Order Tracking, Obviously

It's a given that this aspect should be the top of our list. The main purpose of order tracking software is to make sure orders coming in and going out are properly documented, fulfilled, and tracked along their route to their final destination. That ability alone makes this type of software invaluable to every kind of business. If you take orders or place orders, you need tracking software. If there is a holdup in the payment process, for example, your app will let you know so you can take corrective action. If there is a delay in your warehouse to fulfill an order for a customer, you'll need to know what the problem is, so it can be addressed and your customer won't be left wondering. And, of course, any packages leaving (or coming into) your store should be tracked. Make orders, view and search past orders, get reports, view inventory, track returns, and so much more. It all happens in one app, right at your fingertips. No more shuffling papers, no more frantic phone calls, and no more angry customers.

Inventory Management Takes Many Pairs of Eyes

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Human eyes or electronic ones, you need to have lots of eyes on your inventory and your orders. Tracking software is designed to help inventory duties go much smoother. When orders come in (or go out), your tracking software will know where it's coming from, where it's going, and then update inventory counts where appropriate. Used in tandem with other productivity apps, this feature can be expanded to include financial information, employee accountability, and tasks, as well as complicated math equations for reports and future planning.

Real-time Updates Mean Accuracy and Accountability

Along with the tracking aspects and the inventory help, order tracking software that utilizes cloud technology and mobile devices keeps everyone in the loop. Real-time updates help employees handle issues before they snowball out of control, often eliminating the need for management to step in. That helps accountability and employee pride in a job well-done. When it is necessary for management to step in, it can be done swiftly, all the pertinent data right where you need it. Nobody will need to be brought up to speed, wasting valuable time, because everything is already laid out in the app, ready to handle.

More Advantages to Order Tracking Apps

That's not everything a good piece of tracking software will do for your company. With the right app, you can have full integration with your existing or future apps, such as communication between managers and employees, task lists, employee shifts and payroll, as well as dedicated inventory applications that can update order tracking information without any input from you. Get reports, search for and filter orders and inventory, and pull up customer information for promotional reasons or just to check that everything is satisfactory. At the same time, you can keep tabs on orders you've placed—for your own stock or for office supplies and such, just to name a few.

Part of the bonus of running a business in this day and age is the ease in which technology is delivered. Gone are the days of calling in an expensive 'expert' to set you up. Now it's as simple as online signup, downloading a free trial, and running a setup wizard on your existing mobile device. No more expensive equipment, no more long-winded experts taking up your valuable time and trying to upsell you at every turn. Your business, your way, in seconds flat. Interested in more information on how productivity apps can help your business? Another great option is a POS system. See some tips here!

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