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Three Ways An Online Schedule Maker Boosts Your Bottom Line

three ways an online schedule maker boosts your bottom line
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Help you to make more by schedule maker online

online schedule maker

Web-based scheduling software has become a staple for many small businesses, yet owners are left to wonder if the return on investment is worth buying a schedule maker online. In a nutshell, a web-based schedule maker can help you to save money, save time and retain employees by allowing them to focus on exactly what they have been trained to do.

So, how exactly can using a schedule maker online help you to make more money?

Eliminating common scheduling conflicts

Using a schedule maker online can help you to make more money by eliminating common scheduling conflicts. Staffing a business appropriately reduces labor expenses and this in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction and higher revenue.

No matter how experienced you are in scheduling employees, mistakes will always happen. You may forget that employee A was going on vacation, or that employee B had a doctor's appointment. Whatever the case, a schedule maker gives employees the ability to request time off through the software and immediately be approved or denied by management. The fact that all requests can be handled through your desktop, tablet or mobile phone makes scheduling conflicts much less likely to occur. Therefore, employee A can go on vacation, employee B can attend her doctor's appointment and you, as the manager or the person in charge of employee scheduling, can rest assured that no shift switching will be necessary as a result of a scheduling error.

Eliminating unnecessary overtime

Using a schedule maker online can also help you to make more money by eliminating unnecessary overtime. With this kind of scheduling platform, you will be able to view important details, including the number of hours assigned to each and every employee. With such details, you will be able to manage schedules efficiently, avoid overtime and therefore reduce or eradicate overtime expenses. When tasks pile up as a result of poor scheduling practices, managers often find themselves paying overtime, reassigning tasks or hiring temporary workers. Online scheduling not only helps decrease overtime expenses, but other labor expenses that cut into the bottom line of a business.

Once you start using a schedule maker online you will also realize that the scheduling process is no longer as difficult as it once was with manual scheduling processes. If you are thinking that manual scheduling is much cheaper, do the math and you will see that what you save on labor expenses and printing costs will far outweigh what you spend on a web-based schedule maker.

You must also remember that a schedule maker comes with more benefits which include the following -

It streamlines the process of communication

online schedule maker 1

As you know, there are times when a business closes late or opens early. Whether there is a flood, a tornado warning or electricity is out, staff member must always be notified of unexpected changes such as early closings. With an online scheduling platform, you will be able to relay important announcements and notices quickly and easily. Instead of trying to reach out to each and every employee through email or phone calls, emergency messages will automatically get sent to employees through their mobile devices. By streamlining important announcements to all people, online scheduling platforms not only save managers the time they could have spent trying to reach everyone, but they also save employees vain trips to the business premises.

It eliminates common excuses

online schedule maker 2

Are you familiar with the "I lost my schedule" excuse whenever an employee fails to show up for work or shows up late? This is an excuse that will no longer be applicable if you choose to implement an online schedule maker. This is because through the software, employees can access their schedules 24/7. Not only will implementing employee scheduling software give your workforce unrestricted access to their schedules, but with an advanced system, they will be able to receive message alerts on their mobile devices hours before their shifts come up. Therefore, an employee who has a habit of misreading schedules and forgetting shifts intentionally or unintentionally will no longer have an excuse to miss work.

It simplifies the process of shit swapping

online schedule maker 3

Even in a perfect world, shift swaps would still exist, emergencies still happen, and illnesses will always pose a challenge. Whatever the case, the process of swapping shifts needs to be easy and effective. With online scheduling, you can as well burn your employee contact spreadsheet because employees will be able to request shift swaps online. When looking for a shift cover, an online schedule maker will send all eligible employees alerts to their mobile device and when the shift has been picked up all parties are notified through the application. When swap requests are easily accessible or visible, the likelihood of the process being completed quickly and more effectively increases, and you can therefore forget about human error in scheduling and over or understaffing.

In conclusion, online scheduling tools are efficient and economical. Having an online scheduling tool in the office will free you up and your management team from very tedious tasks such as tracking facilities, assigning tasks, calculating monthly or weekly pay, and other tiresome managerial duties. You can expect to forget or discard print-out memos, Excel spreadsheets, charts, and announcement boards once you implement an online schedule maker.

You will also find that a process that used to take days to complete, such as computing the payroll, will take hours or minutes to complete. Keeping track of absences, sick leave and holidays for each employee will become easier. Since these systems are cloud-based, no extra hardware or software is required and the process of setting up takes minutes.

As a manager or business owner, no longer will you be stuck in your office trying to perfect the employee schedule. Using a schedule maker online will give you the freedom to focus on other important tasks and to do rounds. If you don't know this already, nothing is more likely to boost your employees' morale more than occasionally seeing your sleeves rolled down showing them how it's done.

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