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3 Ways to Evaluate Employee Performance | Hubworks

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Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee Attendance Monitoring

Today, employee attendance monitoring and work monitoring is not easy. Now, Zip Clock provides you with an affordable employee attendance monitoring software; download here.

Attendance monitoring is among the many things that a supervisor will look at when reviewing an employee. But as most supervisors would say, attendance monitoring has never been an easy task, especially with the absence of an efficient employee attendance monitoring system, and more so, when the company or organization in question happens to hoard scores of employees.

However, technology has continued to grow over the years and there is a wide variety of tools available today that will make attendance monitoring, measuring performance, and other duties associated with supervisors and managers easy when used well. Some of the tools we are talking about include online schedulers, for effortless employee scheduling , and employee attendance monitoring software that enables managers and supervisors to monitor employee compliance with assigned schedules.

Employee Performance Evaluation

Here are the 3 Ways of Employee Performance Evaluation

Via Attendance Reports

To come up with accurate attendance and performance reports, supervisors need to keep automated forms and databases, especially at bigger or larger organizations. Some programs, such as the Zip Clock employee attendance monitoring software, have the capability to track and compile a list of annual accomplishments, especially when it comes to schedule compliance and time management . Such tools, which are relatively easy to establish and use, work efficiently, as long as the tool selected fits the organization’s style and size perfectly.

Via Electronic Surveys

In addition to employee attendance monitoring, surveying the peers and clients of an employee is also another strategy that can help a supervisor to come up with an honest performance review or report. Other than employee attendance monitoring software, there also exists a wide range of software programs that can be used by supervisors to conduct electronic surveys among the regular peers and clients of an employee. Their responses will help the supervisors to generate a report or review.

Via Self-Evaluation

Employee self-rating is also another way supervisors can use to extend the employee evaluation process. Self-rating is done by asking the employees to rate themselves and it is a strategy that has become very popular over the last couple of years. There are many benefits of giving employees a chance to rate their performances, but one of the benefits lies in the fact that the supervisor or manager will be able to compare his own appraisal or review to the employee’s self-evaluation. This way, any disagreement or difference in the two reviews can be addressed, and this will contribute to the development of both the employee and the company.

There are many other ways that can be used by supervisors to review their employees, but when all is said and done, such ways should be as accurate as possible so as to help identify hidden resource gaps. This way, employees can be encouraged or trained based on their weak points.

Some companies choose to use just one employee appraisal method, but seeing that performance evaluation can be done in several ways, using multiple methods is always wiser as it provides a better picture of where improvement is necessary.

For a clearer picture on how an employee attendance monitoring software works, visit now.

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