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Time Clock Calculator Application

time clock calculator application
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Time Clock Calculator

Employees are the lifeblood of any organization, irrespective of the products and services they offer. As a business manager, your job is to manage your staff. Employee management of small or large business is in many ways the same – employees need to be compensated accurately for the time they worked.

From manual tracking through attendance sheets to advanced time clock calculator apps, businesses use a number of different methods to track employee time and attendance. Dishonest employees are present in all organizations, and to make sure your business isn't losing money in terms of lost time, investing in a time clock application would be your best bet.

Keep Track of Employee Time and Attendance with Zip Clock's Time Clock Calculator App

Let Zip Clock's time clock calculator turn your administrative nightmare into tactical insight that can help you improve hour and wage compliance and help you increase the accuracy of your payroll.

Employee time and attendance tracking is an integral part of human capital management. Based on cost savings and time, it can offer a significant return on investment. Zip Clock's time clock calculator application will not only enable you to prevent time theft by keeping track of employee attendance and number of hours worked, but will also help you to streamline payroll preparation, simplify the process of employee scheduling and improve hour and wage compliance, even from a mobile device.

Prevent Employee Time Theft with Zip Clock's Time Clock Calculator App Employee Zip Clock's time clock calculator application and bid farewell to spreadsheets, punch timecards and precious hours wasted on tedious and repetitive manual time and attendance data entry corrections.

According to the American Payroll Association, "every day about 5 minutes per employee are lost due to employee theft." Organizations without an automated time and attendance system tend to over pay their employees by about 1.5% to 20% of gross payroll primarily because of employee time theft and erroneous calculations, costing organizations billions of dollars each year.

Automated time and attendance solutions like Zip Clock time Clock calculator app not only help you eliminate errors in calculation by helping you calculate hours worked, eliminate time theft but also help you keep your labor cost in control.

Let's have an in-depth look at what this intelligent time clock calculator application can do for you.

Minimize Costly Wage and Hour Compliance Violations

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Zip Clock's intelligent time clock calculator app helps you comply with U.S wage and hour regulations and laws, which includes regular application of pay policies, number of hours worked and time card approval together with any audits that's been made to time cards by tracking accurate attendance and time.

Efficient Employee Management

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Zip Clock time clock calculator allows you to manage your employees in an efficient manner by automating the process of employee time and attendance. By focusing on issues that demand timely action, you can dramatically organize the process of payroll preparation and free up your time to address employee attendance issues before they negatively impact your organization.

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