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Time Clock System Software

web based time clock system software
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Web Based Time Clock for Employee Time and Attendance Tracking

If you’re a busy manager looking for a tool or software to monitor, track and edit employee time and attendance, look no further. Zip Clock is what you need. Packed with advanced features including mobile device, GPS location tracking and biometrics, Zip Clock has been designed especially for business owners and managers looking for a reliable, fast, secure and efficient web based time clock system for their business.

Improve Employee Productivity with Zip Clock Time Clock System Software

Organizations use time and attendance systems to monitor and track number of productive hours of employees to control labor costs and make sure the organization meet its strategic goals and objectives. Nevertheless, for some businesses, it is a common practice to track the breaks, type of work performed and the number of units produced, especially when workers are not performing as a part of their human capital management strategy.

And while these records can be kept manually, automation in keeping track of employee time and attendance can help you save big dollars. Modern day automated attendance and time systems largely employ biometrics, where an employee has to provide their biometric credentials such as fingerprint or retina scan to clock in or clock out of the system.

Let’s have a look at some features of this advanced time clock system.

Clock In and Clock Out from Just About Anywhere

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With Zip Clock time clock software , your employees can clock in and clock out from a remote location via smart phones or mobile devices which makes it perfect for businesses with multiple locations or workers working from a remote job site. The built in GPS locator will make sure your employees are where they’re supposed to be when they clock in and out.

Prevent Buddy Punching with Zip Clock Biometric Technology

The advanced time and attendance system software will help you prevent buddy punching and time theft. Biometric technology has made it difficult for workers to defraud a time and attendance system. As biometrics are unique, you can make sure no one punches for another which results in timely attendance and cost savings of potentially millions.

Enhanced Accuracy

Zip Clock’s advanced time and attendance system will eliminate the need for manual tracking or re-entry of employee hours worked into your payroll system when these two are integrated. The consequence is that you can accurately process your payrolls in less than 15 minutes per pay period while at the same time keeping track of employee time and attendance through an efficient time clock manager .

Bottom line

Beyond a shadow of doubt your employees are the most expensive component of your operating budget, and with the mobility of today’s employees, an efficient, proactive and schedule-centric approach will help your business save thousands of dollars. Irrespective of the size of your business, proactive management of your workforce has become an absolute necessity in today’s hyper competitive business landscape. Small errors in managing your workforce can cost your business in the long run and you would not want that. Would you?

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