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Time is Money! 3 Ways to Train Your Staff to be more Punctual

time is money 3 ways to train your staff to be more punctual
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Way To Train your Staff to be More Punctual

time is money 3 ways to train your staff to be more punctual 1

No matter what type of business you own, you are bound to hire workers who come in late to work. If the behavior is not curbed, your bottom line will be compromised, productivity will drop, communication will break down and other employees may even follow suit and demand flexible work schedules.

The bad news is that unless your HR team is on top of the issue, there is no way to predict what type of workers you end up hiring. The good news is that you can manage even the unruliest of them by keeping the following tips in mind-

Become a Leader they Respect

A team is only as good as its manager. The best way to make sure your employees remain at the top of their game and come on time each day is if you lead by example. Encourage punctuality in the workplace by coming in a few minutes early. If you are the first person they see as soon as they walk in the door, not only will they start coming in on time as well, but they will respect you for it.

If you have managers working under you, encourage them to punch into the time clock on time as well so that their teams can learn from their example. This method will convince your workers on a psychological level that it is unacceptable to be late to the workplace and give them newfound respect for management at the same time. By reinforcing the importance of punching in and punching out of the, you will increase your employee's drive to clock in on time.

Include Workplace Policies and Enforce them Proactively

The moment you hire new employees, you need to make sure that they know and understand the policies you have put into place, especially punctuality. Tell them from the get go that tardiness is not acceptable at all and what repeat offenders can expect from management. To ensure they remember what you told them and to reduce confusion, give them a print out of the policies and have them sign it as a sign of commitment.

Of course, even the most diligent employees may have off days and start coming in late. No one is perfect after all and you need to understand that. If they do not have a history of being tardy, confronting them will only prove counterproductive and you might end up losing dedicated workers. A simple way to establish a protocol would be through a time clock calculator or a time clock application to track employee shifts.

Play Fair

Nothing is more de-motivating to a hard working employee than a rigid manager. You may end up reprimanding someone who is always punctual or mistakenly confront an employee who already informed you why he/she would come in late. Time clock apps are useful tools in order to increase transparency and accountability with your staff's hours.

Keeping track of so many employee schedules can lead to confusion, but you can eliminate those chances by keeping a virtual record of shift timings and schedules with a time tracking software such as Zip Clock. Besides allowing managers to check employee schedules for upcoming shifts, this virtual time tracker even allows a comparison between scheduled and actual labor costs.

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