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8 Time Management Skills to Have Better Hold on Managing Time

time management skills better hold on managing time
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Efficient Time management will not only help your professional life but also your personal life. Having those skills in one's personality can do wonders on their productivity levels and efficiency. Everywhere you can learn about managing your time but what personalities traits are required to make it happen are not shared by many. Not a problem anymore, as you can read about them here.


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Planning beforehand can help you in managing your time in the most efficient manner. Planning keeps you away from procrastination and can help you in reaching your goal in a speedier manner. Along with planning the tasks, one also needs to set their goals. If you will have a goal to achieve then you will work accordingly to achieve it.


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Setting your priorities straight can certainly be an effective time management skill. One needs to understand what is important at what point of time and act accordingly. "As strange as it may sound, prioritizing should not begin with a focus on getting more work done. Prioritization should always begin with avoiding/eliminating the tasks which you should not be performing."

Ability to Focus

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Office is a place where you don't need to find distractions; they themselves walk towards you. So the ability to focus on work is something which can help you in longer run in the life. Indulging in office activities is good—one needs that—but never lose your focus from your work. One needs to create a balance.

Decision-making Ability

Decision making is a skill which everyone needs at one or the other point of time. One has to make decisions in regards to questions like "Which task to do? By when a task should be completed? Which meetings to attend? And who you can or cannot help?" This personality trait can take you to real heights in life.


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You might be thinking that how communication will help in managing your time. Well, having good communication with your peers can help you at the time when you are in a hitch. You have to work in an office environment and it is a fact that you can't do everything by yourself. So if are in talking terms with your colleagues then you can easily ask for help without any hassle.


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Being organized is one of the most important time management skills. If all your things are in the organized manner, be it your files, reports or work then you will be able to do the work in more proper manner without wasting time in finding the right files or tasks. You can easily retrieve anything without stressing too much to find it.

Patience and Forgiving

You are not a one man or woman company. You have to face people and even those who will get on your nerves or will make silly mistakes. That is the time when you need to show your good side by keeping patience and forgiving the mistakes. You may not understand it now, but it will definitely help you in effective time management .

Stress Management

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Stress reduces the working speed of the people. Those who know how to work in pressure or how to handle stress can work more efficiently and can bring out more productivity to the company. "When you experience stress, your body and mind begin to suffer." So don't let the pressure convert into a stress and handle it as a motivation.

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