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Time Management Solutions – Effortless Prevention of Time Theft

time management solutions
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Web-Based Time Management

Do you think that your employees are stealing company time? Zip Clock is among the top web-based time management solutions in the market today that will help you to settle your doubts.

Zip Clock time management software is cloud-based so there is no need to install and configure any software. This means that it is possible to start using this software straight away without first having to invest in any software, hardware, or any technical support. You also don't have to worry about parting with your credit card details at this point because we are going to allow you to use Zip Clock for free for a limited period of time so you can get first-hand experience of what we are offering.

Zip Clock Time Management Solutions – The Cost of Time Theft

Zip Clock will offer trouble-free time theft prevention when used in the right manner. When an employee accepts payment for the hours he or she never spent on your business or company, this is known as time theft and it can eventually bring the business to its knees if left unaddressed.

This might not apply to your business, but according to recent studies, most employees steal 4-5 business hours from their employers every month. When added up, these stolen hours amount to a full week of stolen time every single year. When you have several employees stealing company time, you could easily be losing thousands of dollars every year and this can easily be avoided with time management systems or time management software such as Zip Clock.

Zip Clock Time Management Solutions – How Employee Time Theft Occurs

Time theft can materialize in a number of ways which can be difficult to identify. Below are some examples of time theft-

Time sheet deceit – this usually happens when employees are left to record their hours manually. Studies show that most employees lie about hours worked when filling in their timesheets manually. This is usually considered as time sheet fraud and it can easily be curbed with time management software. With Zip Clock time management solutions, your employees will be required to clock in or out through a wall-mounted tablet or any other internet-enabled device. As soon as they have clocked in, Zip Clock will keep track of the number of minutes or hours they remain clocked in. this way, it would be impossible for any employee to commit time sheet fraud. Zip Clock time management solutions also come with geo-positioning capacity to enable remote workers to account for their time too.

Break abuse – break abuse is also a common type of time theft among many companies. This happens when employees take longer breaks or unauthorized breaks. Break abuse can also be curbed with Zip Clock because our software will easily keep track of each and every break taken by an employee and the exact time it lasted.

Other means of time theft occur when your employees keep receiving or making private phone calls, texting, face-booking, tweeting and so on. All in all, online time management solutions should be able to block most, if not all, time theft loop holes.

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