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Timesheet Template – An Attendance Sheet Template in Excel

timesheet template excel
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Attendance Software

Zip Clock attendance software simplifies the process of employee time tracking so you can quickly and easily prepare attendance sheets for payroll processing. With our attendance system, old fashioned time sheets are a thing of the past. Our advanced attendance software not only allows you to manage your human capital in the most effective manner by tracking accurate employee time and attendance but also helps you stay in compliance with labor laws and regulations.

Get Real Time information on Staff Attendance with Zip Clock’s Attendance Sheet Template in Excel

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Are you looking for a weekly employee attendance sheet template in excel?

Zip Clock provides you with a free attendance sheet now, download here !

Unlike traditional attendance systems, Zip Clock makes use of cloud computing to allow you the flexibility of tracking employee attendance and time anywhere, anytime. The efficient attendance software program gathers all data for easy analysis and reconciliation.

With Zip Clock’s attendance sheet template in excel, you can quickly prepare your employee’s timesheets for payroll. You can fine tune everyone’s hours and export it easily for simple payroll processing.

Furthermore, Zip Clock attendance system makes it easy for business managers to do."

Schedule Enforcement

With Zip Clock, managers can always make sure that employee’s clock in according to their schedules. This will help you comply with labor laws and regulations while helping you to keep your labor costs on budget.

Time Sheet Management

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With Zip Clock Attendance sheet in excel, you can monitor your employee time cards during the pay period. These attendance sheets can be edited, approved and printed to achieve your business goals and objectives.

These timesheets can be saved as a template for creating new timesheets. You can create new templates from existing ones and drag and drop to edit as required.

Easy Clock in Clock Out

Zip Clock allows your employees to clock in using a smartphone, desktop or tablet. The powerful time clock can be used on a wall mounted tablet or computer from where employees can clock in and clock out for the day. The efficient attendance system can be accessed from a mobile device – which means enhanced productivity, big profits, and reduced costs.

Time Management

Our automated time and attendance systems help you reduce labor costs by enforcing pay and work rules – in a consistent and accurate manner – across your company. The attendance system simplifies the laborious punch card tracking, payroll processing, and approval processing. And this significantly reduces the administrative time and cost associated with employee inquiries and attendance exceptions – all while reducing compliance risks and overpayments.

Irrespective of the size and nature of your business, proactively managing your human capital for optimal productivity is an absolute necessity in today’s advanced and highly competitive business landscape.

Virtualization and more sophisticated software have made it easy to start small with your business strategy and build up on it as you need it, quickly, easily and in a more effective manner than ever before.

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