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Tips for Finding New Clients and Building Your Customer Base

tips for finding new clients and building your customer base
Lidia Hovhan

By Lidia Hovhan

Get Help From Similar but Non-Competing Businesses

It's probable that your company or business belongs to a market niche as there are hundreds of businesses under a particular market segment. These other businesses can act as your possible sources of new customers, which you can use to build your customer base. Get in touch with businesses offering products or services related to or connected to what you are offering.

Your goal is to convince businesses to partner with you in serving their customers better through the use of your product or service. Show them how your product or service will benefit their businesses. You will, therefore, need to identify those businesses which are serving the same customers that you want to serve. If you target already established businesses, your chances of building your customer base will be higher.

Additionally, if you are just starting your business, having a host-partner is the fastest way you can reach your target market. Once you can get the customer database from your business partner, you can now use other methods, such as email delivery automation, to introduce your product or service to your new customers.

Use Social Media Networks in Promoting Your Business

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Do you know that an average Facebook user has around 200+ friends? That is already a sizeable number of new customers, and we are only talking about one Facebook user. Imagine how many people you could access if you can convince hundreds of social media network users to their friends to your company.

If you want to launch your new company or product or service, one of the best venues that you can use is social media networks. A lot of marketing practitioners believe that this is the quickest and most economical way to reach new customers and build customer databases.

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Be Personal

Selling a high-ticket item like real estate property is difficult and time-consuming. Ever wonder why some real estate companies flourish in this industry? They personalize their marketing methods and earn millions of dollars as a result. According to Patrick Sprouse of S.E. Covington & Co., doing business is not impersonal. It is the opposite. Sprouse is a successful real estate executive in Houston, Texas.

So, take the cue from the professional - in the conduct of your business, be personal and not impersonal. How can you do this? Here are some suggestions.

  • Focus on the needs of your customers and then examine the ways by which your product or service can completely satisfy those needs.
  • Attend marketing and sales events of related businesses. Your purpose is to get to know your prospective customers first-hand. Collect business cards of businesses and probable customers.
  • Immediately after these events, send each of your new contacts with personalized email letters to let them know how you are grateful for their acquaintance and how you or your product or service can help them.
  • The important thing is that you are showing them that you would like to establish a business relationship with them either as a host-partner or a customer.

Develop and Maintain Good Customer Service

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Getting new customers is only half of the battle; keeping them happy is the other, important half. You can keep your customers happy if you are ready to hear their complaints on any day and at any time. If you can, you will have no problems in building a loyal customer database.

Your best advertisers are your existing customers. They are your word-of-mouth sales agents' that don't ask for salaries. These customers need no push to push' your product or service because they know that they can count on you to provide what they want when they need it.

Unfortunately, you will only develop those kinds of loyal and grateful customers if you take the trouble of building and developing excellent and timely customer service. Make sure that there is always somebody on the phone to hear whatever your customers will say 24/7.

Launch Your Company Website

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The fastest and most effective marketing tool in today's marketplace is a commercial website, which means you have to launch your own company website. You will need to use the specialized talent of web designers and developers who are experts in this field for your business.

However, establishing a website is not enough. You must make sure that there is always fresh content on your webpages. It is very frustrating for your customers to see the same articles and images week in and week out. Keep them hooked and interested by publishing fresh content every month at the very least.

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