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Top 3 Reasons a Digital Shift Planner Saves Money, Time, and Stress

top 3 reasons a digital shift planner saves money time and stress
Victoria Brunette

By Victoria Brunette

Why You Should Be Using a Shift Planner App

Digital apps have become an everyday necessity for most of the modern, industrialized world. They can do anything from entertain with simple games to handle complex financial situations like banking and credit monitoring. Whether using these apps on a desktop, laptop computer, smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device, there is no doubt that apps are here to stay. If you haven't added the use of apps to your business yet, it's time to step up and greet the future, because the future is now.
Apps are all about efficiency and helping humans do more in less time and with less stress. Bringing these apps into your business shows your employees you're up with the times, and it shows your customers you understand their needs. From mobile POS systems, food safety apps, or shift planner apps, you can cover the entire range of business applications with little time, effort, and a lot less money than traditional methods.

Top 3 Ways Shift Planner Apps Save Businesses Money, Time and Stress

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1. Ease of Use
Digital shift planner apps, such as Zip Schedules, are designed with the average mobile user in mind. But that doesn't mean they're meant only for those who are used to using mobile devices and apps. In fact, shift planner software is so simple to setup, learn, and use, it should only take you a few minutes to implement. With awesome customer support standing by to help you setup your shift planner, there is no reason to fear technology. Even if you don't personally use a smart phone, tablet, or mobile device, a digital shift planner will look and feel familiar and easy. No complicated codes, no training your software like older systems require, and no struggling all alone with complicated manualseverything is easy to setup, quick to learn, and simple to use. This digital shift planner app is much more efficient than the paper schedules of the past!
2. Accessibility for All
Whether management is used to using mobile devices and apps or not, it's almost guaranteed that your employees already use one every single day. That's why mobile shift planning apps have been designed with mobile devices in mind. Rather than trying to teach people to use something completely new, Zip Schedules has harnessed the familiarity of digital apps and created something that feels familiar but gives users absolute control over their data. Stored in the cloud, employees and management alike can access the shift planner to either make changes (management only) or check the schedule for changes. That's one central place for everyone to check the shift planner, so nobody is left in the dark. A digital shift planning solution with cloud storage is much better than one paper logbook stuck on your desk or in the employee break room.

The shift planner grants access to any connected device, no matter where the user is located. No more missed shifts, no more forgotten schedules, and no more wasted time and money on no-shows, call-outs, or late arrivals due to miscommunication. When everyone is connected to the shift planner, nobody is left in the dark. And Zip Schedules is more than just a shift planner. Employees and managers can communicate right in the app, in real-time. When employees can submit a question, complaint, or shift request and hear back within minutes, that improves both morale and the bottom line. Less time wading through piles of request forms, making awkward phone calls, and more money saved by moving to digital shift planning.
3. Avoid Labor Rule Breaches and Penalties
There is nothing worse than dealing with an accidental labor rule breach. The penalties are expensive, it's bad for staff morale, and it puts managers in an awkward and uncomfortable position to find solutions that avoid this situation in the future. With the right shift planner app, those worries are a thing of the past. For example, Zip Schedules has built-in, preemptive labor rule alerts that let managers know before a problem occurs. That means no accidental overtime, no forgotten breaks, or other labor law breaches while your shift planning app is on duty. Fine tune your schedules, make changes on the fly and get those alerts in real-time to stop a problem before it starts.

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Many More Benefits of Shift Planning Apps

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The list of benefits for using the right shift planner app is much longer than this. The top three mentioned above are what we feel are the most important for the financial aspectthat means time saved, penalties avoided and eradicating the costs of shift planning miscommunication between management and staff. Some other benefits to consider with Zip Schedules specifically include-

  • Dedicated customer support means less time on hold for tech support issues
  • No contracts to trap you with software that doesn't meet your needs
  • A free trial allows you to try before you buy, making sure the shift planner will work well for your small to medium business
  • Low monthly fees are affordable for even the smallest businesses and were designed to fit the needs of growing restaurants
  • Language flexibility helps keep multi-cultural companies keep all employees in the loop in their native languages to avoid translation and communication problems
  • Shift planning is easy to handle on the go, helping managers of multi-location businesses stay on top of shift planning and employee schedules
  • Schedule alerts keep shift planning simple and streamlined, avoiding costly scheduling snafus and conflicts
  • Team communication is improved through real-time alerts, private messages between management and staff, and instant deployment of scheduling changes or important notices
  • Integrated labor budgeting tools make Zip Schedules more than a simple shift planner
  • Add and remove employee with ease, helping save time and cut costs when employee turnover needs to be handled
  • Simple templates to keep everything tracked, and the ability to make and modify templates to your specific needs

Get the Most Out of Your Shift Planner App

Get the most out of your new shift planning app by adding more productivity apps that work together for your business. That's budgeting, time management, shift planning, employee empowerment, task checklists, POS solutions, and much more, all in the cloud and easily accessible from any connected device. Just download and go! Ready to learn some more? Here's another great article on examining your POS service system.

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