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20 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Millennial

20 things you need to know before hiring a millennial
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

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According to Forbes, millennials became the largest percentage of the workforce starting in 2015. With so many members of Generation Y already competing in the labor market, you might be wondering what the big deal is. The simple fact though is that many employers haven't yet got to grips with what makes millennials tick. So whether you are a millennial yourself or a dyed-in-the-cloth Gen-X or baby boomer, here are a few things that you should come to expect when new generation Y hires start getting their feet under desks in your workplace. Learn who millennials are and how they will impact your workforce with the 20 tips below!

Where they work

Millennials want to work where it suits them to work. They believe they should be able to utilize technology to work remotely.

How they work

Millennials believe their performance should be measured on output and results, not on where or when they get it done.


Millennials expect to have a say in the terms and conditions of their jobs. They want to influence their T&Cs.

Working hours

Millennials don't expect to be made to work ten hours per day.


Millennials believe it is the duty of their managers to mentor, coach, and actively assist them to meet their career goals.

Work Life Balance

Millennials want more time to spend with family, less commuting and less personal pressure than previous generations.

Goal Oriented

Millennials are heavily goal oriented.

Impatient for Progression

Millennials are often obsessed with moving through the career ranks as quickly as possible.

Great Collaborators

Millennials are used to doing everything with their peers. This makes them excellent at working collaboratively.

Hungry for Education

Millennials love to learn and acquire new skills. They place a high value on training and mentoring.

Thrive on Feedback

Millennial employees will expect you to give them feedback often, perhaps daily. If you don't volunteer it, they will ask you for feedback.

Highly Creative

Millennials are typically creative employees. They are more likely to think outside of the box than previous generations.

Prone to Boredom

One of the benefits of employing millennials is that you can never give them too much work. If their work is insufficient or mundane, they quickly become bored.

Missions Matter

According to a recent column in Inc. Magazine (written by a millennial intern), millennials could care less about packages laden with benefits. They are more likely to be attracted by a meaningful mission that they can buy into.

Ethics and Honesty

If you are hiring millennials, you better be an honest employer. This new generation of employees wants to follow only the most ethical leaders.

Hierarchy Averse

Millennials have more respect for older leaders than their Gen X colleagues ever did. However, they have little time for inflexible, hierarchical organizations.

Networking is everything

For the millennial, a life without networking is no life at all. Generation Y needs social networking tools, even in the workplace. Make that especially in the workplace.

Need Rationale

Millennials don't deal well with tasks if they don't understand the importance. Be ready to explain the rationale for everything you request.

Structure is important

While millennials love flexible schedules, they still need structure in their working patterns.


Last but not least, millennials are not afraid to stretch themselves, to take risks and make mistakes. They accept that errors are the price of education.

Now you know a little more about what makes millennials tick, it's time to prepare. This generation works differently to those who came before, and they will be in the majority. Embrace the change and build a strategy in which millennials can play the important part they wish to.

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