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Using Food Safety Software for a Successful Restaurant

using food safety software for a successful restaurant
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Are your restaurant practices up to date? Stay ahead of the game with Food Safety Software

Don't be left in the past. Modern food safety software is a simple, easy, and affordable way to keep your restaurant in compliance with food safety laws and to protect your brand and reputation.

Are you stuck in the past?

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Opening a restaurant thirty years ago meant reading through dusty old law books and stacks of local food safety regulations. It meant you would spend countless hours each day keeping monotonous written logs of every activity, every purchase, every sale, and every employee interaction, and then filing them away. It also meant keeping track of food safety aspects like cleaning procedures and temperature checks for every station by hand, multiple times each day. When audit time came, you would need to dig out all your old logs and read them again, compiling them into a report. And, of course, this was usually the moment you realized someone had made a serious error along the way, but it was far too late to correct it now.

If you are still doing all of these things the old-fashioned way, you are stuck in the past, repeating the tedium, and making your job much harder than it has to be. Imagine what you could do if you could spend a fraction of that logging and reporting time opening up new avenues to expand your business and promote your brand. How many things could you accomplish by saving countless hours each day?

Your future, right now - Save money and time with the right food safety software

Just as food safety regulations have drastically changed in the last thirty years, so have the tools at your disposal to keep track of every aspect of your restaurant or food service business. With the right food safety software at your fingertips, you can track and update food safety procedures, temperatures, and reports in seconds. You save time by letting the app do the tedious and repetitive tasks for you, and you save money by skipping the expensive logbooks, paper, and ink. No more storing old books and files, no more losing important reports or finding out they've faded over time or been damaged by a water leak. Keep your information safe and accessible in the Zip HACCP app, and you can start spending more time growing your business.

What can food safety software do for you?

Unless you enjoy shoveling papers all day instead of spending time on the floor or interacting with your customers, we bet you'd like to know some of the details of what food safety software can do for your business. While the Zip HACCP app is a very powerful piece of software, we've compiled a quick rundown of some of our favorite features right here.

Food Safety Software At Your Fingertips

The subject of food safety is fairly complicated. It's not just about keeping the kitchen clean and washing your hands before you serve your diners but also includes keeping track of expiration dates, food prep procedures, and temperature logs at every step. Our app not only keeps logs and produces reports of all these aspects of food safety, but our integrated temperature solutions also sync with your thermometers and updates in real-time so you can see at a glance if any issues have cropped up. Seeing temps in real-time means, you can track employee compliance with your procedures, as well as see any critical issues that need immediate corrective action. There's no extra setup cost or device pairing, either. Fast, simple, easy to use—it's that powerful.

Training Staff And Using Checklists For The Best Food Safety Possible

When you hire new staff, you want to be sure they understand current food safety regulations. Our app allows you to offer ongoing training and provide reminders to the staff at any time. Along with training, reminders, and employee records, Zip HACCP also has a powerful and easy-to-use checklist option for keeping staff on task. Time-temperature checks and cleaning schedules perfectly, and see in real-time how each department and individual staff are performing.

Track And Check Reports

See trends in staff performance, checklist completion, and food safety compliance over time with detailed reports that you can either print or keep digital. Use your reports to adjust checklists for better efficiency and to take corrective action in areas of concern. You can even see which corrective actions are most common so you can come up with ways to avoid the issues in the first place.

Haccp Compliance Made Easy

With our comprehensive food safety and hazard control checklists, the hard work is done for you. All you need to do is show staff the checklists and watch your productivity and efficiency increase. With our mandatory corrective action lists, employees will know exactly what to do if problems do arise. Coupled with the action logs, checklist reports, and employee records, you will be able to see which employees are working well and which need additional training. It's peace of mind and compliance all at an affordable price.

Software Should Evolve With Your Business

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From small restaurants to large, having powerful food safety software at your disposal means you save time and money. It also means you have room to grow and change with the times, further strengthening your brand. Staying in compliance with food safety regulations means you may need to make quick changes to your procedures. With Zip HACCP, it's as simple as making the change on one device and seeing the update on every other device in real-time. No planning a staff meeting, waiting for everyone to show up, and walking everyone through the new rules, step by step. It's all done in real-time, right on their devices.

Checklists, procedures, training materials, employee files—it's all updated in real-time and can be adjusted at any time to suit your needs. We've only scratched the surface in this article, but we have other great articles that goes into more detail right here.

When you have the right tools, staying up to date with food safety compliance is easy, affordable, and future-proof. Apps are everywhere—why not harness the adaptability and usefulness of food safety software to grow your restaurant and your reputation?

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