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Weekly Schedule Template in Word And Excel Formats

weekly schedule template in word and excel formats
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Free Schedule Template

free schedule template

Looking for a Free Schedule Template? Download free word and excel formats from trusted sites such as Zip Schedules.

There are many ways you can maximize your personal productivity at home or your employee’s effectiveness at work, but one sure way is to download a weekly schedule template which will enable you to easily create your weekly schedule. By making a weekly schedule, you will be reinforcing your goals by providing yourself or your team with a practical plan for the entire week. Whether you are a company CEO, college student, stay-at-home mom or a student, you really need to create a weekly schedule as soon as possible.

Weekly Schedule Template – Microsoft Excel Format

One of the simplest ways to make a weekly schedule is to download a weekly schedule template in Excel format. These templates are available for free download from various online sources, but you will need to make a download from a reputable site like Zip Schedules to avoid downloading viruses and other damaging software such as spyware.

A weekly schedule template in excel format is very easy to use. It is also fully editable and can be customized and reused as many times as you wish. To plan your schedule for the week, all you need to do is to download the template for free, fill in the details you wish to include, save, and print.

You might also choose to make your own schedule via Microsoft online where you will find various calendar templates to suit your needs. To find a blank calendar template, do the following.

1. Go to excel.
2. Click new which should be in file or office button menu.
3. In the search online box, type calendar and click go.
4. Select the calendar template you desire and download.

Most people rarely have the time to do all that and they therefore choose to download free schedules or calendars which they can edit to suit their needs.

Weekly Schedule Template – Microsoft Word Format

You can also download schedule templates in word format if you wish. These ones are also very easy to use. Just find a site you can trust, download a word weekly schedule template, and fill in the details you have, save, print and you are done. These templates can be used for school or college activities, class trips, summer camps, conferences and so on.

And just like excel templates, word templates can be edited, customized and reused. Making your own schedule using Microsoft word is also possible though some people say it’s more difficult that using Microsoft excel. To do this, you will need to use the “Table” feature where you will be able to make a fixed schedule or leave some blank spaces for future editing. The entire process generally takes 20 minutes or more, whereas downloading and creating a blank calendar template or weekly schedule template in word format will take only 5 minutes. And the good thing about these templates is that they are available in PDF for those who prefer them that way and for iPhones and other smartphones in the market.

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