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Zip HACCP and the New Wave of Technology | Hubworks

what is food safety software zip haccp and the new wave of technology
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

How Using Food Safety Software Can Modernize Your Business

This piece on Zip HACCP will go through the product itself, as well as its primary function as food safety software and how it can be used by businesses to strengthen their position in the market and their relationship with their clients.

One of the most fascinating things about the technological revolution of the last decade or so is just how many industries find themselves employing smart technology that, even a few years prior, never would have dreamed of doing so. For some industries, this change was par for the course. For others, it was a far more unexpected shift. The food and beverage industry, in particular, falls into the latter category. With the advent of credit/debit cards becoming the preferred mode of payment for many worldwide, especially in America, the needs of restaurants and other food service businesses to keep up with the technological trend has become immense. This is especially true in the area of food safety and subsequently, food safety software.

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Food safety, in essence, is the ability of any element of the food and beverage industry to maintain quality, prevent issues of cross-contamination, and monitor the continued execution of these goals. Cross-contamination is a big concern since the health risks associated with things like raw meat or eggs is highly documented. However, food safety concerns are not limited to the actual preparation of the food; they include its purchase, acquisition, and storage as well, and are deeply rooted in nearly every aspect of business. As a result, the need to stay on top of things with food safety software is perhaps more paramount now than ever before.

Food Safety Software

To keep up with the rapid growth of professional technology, innumerable programs, apps, and other pieces of software have been developed. Each serves a different function, addresses a particular concern, and is specialized to suit a specific need. In the foodservice industry, there is a wide range of these kinds of programs, tackling everything from ordering, to payment, to stocking and even staffing. It's a brave new world for the food and beverage industry, and it only makes sense that a program comes along that hopes to shake up the way food safety concerns are handled by this industry.

Enter Zip HACCP

Hubworks has designed a revolutionary food safety software that seeks to address a range of food safety concerns in a user-friendly, cohesive, and automated way. The app is Zip HACCP, and we will delve into the most important aspects of the app, including its function, target audience, the problems it seeks to solve, and the solutions that if offers. Some of these things will be touched on here very briefly to provide some essential background knowledge going forward, and will later be expanded upon in subsequent articles.

Let's start with the basics - what is Zip HACCP? As we just mentioned, it is a food safety software and temperature solutions app, the goal of which is to both make data collection, organization, and analysis a more streamlined process. But also, to provide this data in a way that is more usable for a business to take action based on its results. It offers the ability to create checklists and other important collections of information, like food temperature logs, that can be readily accessed by administrative staff and corrected with ease. It allows for a directory of corrective action procedures and enables your staff to be consistent in their crisis response.

What is HACCP?

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We've used the term "HACCP" a lot in this article, specifically about the product itself. However, we didn't invent this acronym on our own. HACCP stands for "Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point," a phrase used within the food and beverage industry to describe a very systematic approach to ensuring food safety. This approach is designed to be preventative, helping to steer away from these biological, chemical, or physical food safety concerns in the first place.

These sorts of hazards can crop up at any time during the production, distribution, and preparation processes. They can include cross-contamination, poor quality, and even potential chemical treatments by the producer or distributor. All of these are food safety concerns that should be accounted for and can be monitored and resolved with the use of an app like Zip HACCP.

Overview of Features

It seems only right to paint a basic picture of the kinds of thing the app will offer your business that will only serve to benefit it in the long run.

Let's start with something that will probably be useful to a lot of you. Hubworks previously released a similar app called "Zip Checklist." This app was designed to allow for the creation and monitoring of tasks by administrative staff remotely without needing to be on-site to do so. You can read more about the app here. I bring this up because Zip HACCP retains nearly all of Zip Checklist's features, in addition to several brand-new ones.

Among these new features are food safety and specialized HACCP checklists, designed to help ensure compliance with all HACCP and FDA rules and regulations. These lists enable compliance monitoring to be a much more streamlined process than it would otherwise be, helping businesses to remain on target with their compliance and also with their quality of service. The prepared resources within this food safety software are indispensable as creating these checklists from scratch can cost you significant time and resources.

Hopefully, we have helped to not only introduce you to the world of food safety management, but also to the necessity for products like Zip HACCP to intervene in the normal safety processes. The end goal is always to improve the safety of the food we eat, from production down to preparation and consumption. Zip HACCP aims to help those in food service to accomplish just that, using tried and tested techniques to do so. More information about the app will be available in future articles, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled as we continue to roll out our newest contribution to one of the most essential modern industries.

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