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What to Look for in Choosing the Best Time and Attendance Software

what to look for in choosing the best time and attendance software
Caroline Sams

By Caroline Sams

Are you looking for a new time and attendance software system but are having trouble knowing where to start? Here at Hubworks, we're here to help; so, we have made a guide of all of the features you should look for when purchasing your new time and attendance tracking software so that it is best for you. Let's get started!

By now, we're willing to bet that you've noticed the overwhelming amount of tracking systems on the market. We know that it can be frustrating to start new processes, and perhaps you feel like it would just be easier to stick with your old time and attendance tracking method-excel work schedule templates. We can't tell you enough how much we discourage that, and for so many reasons! Here are some of the main features you should look for when buying the best time and attendance software for you.

Time and Attendance Software Needs Flexible Time Tracking Options

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Make sure to choose time and attendance software, like Zip Clock, that allows employees to take down their hours through a variety of methods, not just limiting them to one. This means that employees should be able to access and keep records of their worked hours through various devices, including a smartphone, tablet, computer, and time clock.

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The Best Time and Attendance Software Needs to Keep Perfect Time

Aren't you here right now reading this article because you want to make your business more efficient and save more money? Well, having an accurate method of recording employee time and attendance is what's going to help you increase profits. The best time and attendance software systems and apps make sure you're paying exactly what you owe to your employees, no more and no less. While it's good to always think the best about your employees, we all know that we're not perfect, and it's easy to change a paper timesheet or excel work schedule template.

Time and Attendance Software Must Allow for Mobile Compatibility

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In this day-and-age, having time tracking software compatible with mobile devices is essential. We pretty much always have our smartphones on us, but it's not as accessible to have to go to one set location to track time and access other time-related data. Since many employees and managers don't even work in an office building, this is incredibly important to make sure remote workers can properly clock in and out, as well as giving you the ability to track each employee to know where they are and what they're working on while on the clock.

The Importance of User-Friendly Time and Attendance Software

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While the purpose of technology is to make things simpler, the truth is that it doesn't always accomplish this goal. If you want to encourage your employees, as well as yourself, to use your new time and attendance software, then it must be user-friendly. Choose a system with a clean-looking interface, no matter the device, that lets employees accomplish tasks on their own.

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Easily Integrate Time and Attendance Software With Existing Systems

Make implementation easier by choosing a time and attendance software program and app that can easily integrate with the other applications and software you're already using. That way the new time and attendance software can seamlessly work in conjunction with the HR and payroll programs you're already familiar with. You can easily export the data collected from your time clock app to the software you already implement in your company.

Receive Real-Time Alerts From a Time Clock App

As part of properly monitoring employees and any other time-related activities, it's important that time and attendance software has proactive alerts available to use. These real-time alerts notify you when employees are close to breaching labor laws, including break and overtime notifications, or have been working for an exceptionally long amount of time (typically due to forgetting to clock out). By being proactive about these kinds of labor law violations, you'll save money and be able to better manage certain roles in the future, while planning out schedules more efficiently.

Time and Attendance Software Can Help With Audits

It would benefit you greatly to be able to view original timesheet data, along with any potential alterations made by a manager or shift leader, in the case of an audit or review.

The Price of Employee Time Clock Software Can Indicate Quality

While price doesn't always equate to quality, it is often a good indicator. Take into consideration the features we have listed above; do you need or want all of them? While they're useful, not every business is going to need the same features from time and attendance software. However, know that if you can benefit from the options, even if it costs more money up front, it would more than end up paying for itself due to the cost that manual inaccuracies can cost companies when it comes to payroll. Remember, payroll can often cost companies up to 50 percent of their operational costs.

Look at the Reviews for Time and Attendance Software

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It's always a good idea to check out the reviews (if available) that others have given regarding the time and attendance software you have in mind. Not each one is made the same, even if they list the same features. Interfaces may look different; they may not be as compatible with other existing software, the list goes on. When all else fails, check out what the rest of the crowd has said about the product. While this isn't a sure thing all of the time, it's a good general indicator of the quality you'll be receiving.

Hopefully, you now have a good understanding of what you must look for in selecting your new time and attendance software. However, if you are still unsure of what time and attendance software is best for your business, check out our guide on the 7 Astounding Benefits of Time Clock Apps which is also posted on the Hubworks Blog.

If you pay attention to and follow each of the above features, you can rest assured that with your new time and attendance software you'll be receiving a product that may cost you money upfront but will end up saving you money in the long run.

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