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What to Look for in your Scheduling Assistant

what to look for in your scheduling assistant
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Employee Schedule Planning

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The business landscape has experienced some incredibly dramatic changes during the past decade. The economic downturn has magnified the importance of receiving accurate and timely information about your business.

Efficient staff or employee planning has therefore become a major concern for business managers irrespective of the size and nature of the business. By scheduling the right people at the right time, you'll not only be able to improve your processes but also lower down your labor costs at the same time.Scheduling Assistant.

Looking for a Scheduling Assistant? Look here first!

And if you are having a cardiac arrest thinking of the registers, planners and papers; take heart. While scheduling tasks is beyond doubt a tedious and time consuming task, there are a number of schedule software solutions, staffing apps and planner applications for employees available on the market to make your life easy.

Here is a list of things you need to look for in a scheduling assistant. Let's have a look.

Fast and Easy Setup
Zip Schedules – Fast and easy set up allows you to create schedules within minutes!
Getting started with a scheduling assistant should be a straightforward process. It shouldn't be a complicated or laborious process to set up the assistant. With Zip Schedules, you won't need to wait for weeks to begin scheduling. The start-up wizard makes it easy for you to create your first schedule. You can begin writing your first schedule within 15 minutes.

Easy Scheduling

Zip Schedules – Simplifying the process of Staff Planning and Employee Scheduling
Staff planning can be a real pain especially in cases when employee availability changes from week to week. A good scheduling app like Zip Schedules makes it easy for you to copy previous schedules, load templates and create weekly schedules in no time.

Furthermore, it should also enable you to save your favorite schedules as templates. Zip Schedules scheduling assistant makes it easy for you to save special hours and schedules for holidays and special occasions and use these templates to quickly formulate a new schedule.

Additionally, you will also be able to save any common shift in order to speed up scheduling. All you need to do is drag and drop the shifts into employees slots rather than creating a new one each time.

Manage Schedule Requests

No more headaches – Handle requests the easy way with Zip Schedules

A good scheduling assistant such as schedule planner from Zip Schedules makes it easy for manage requests right from your pocket. It should enable you to take action on requests directly from any iOS or Android device without putting in great deal of effort.

Employee Communication

Give your employees mobile access to everything they need!

With advanced communication, scheduling assistants are required to have mobile apps in order to facilitate schedule delivery and with the latest in team communication technology available on all iOS and Android devices, Zip Schedules delivers as expected.

Using Zip Schedules employees receive their schedule the minute it is published. Furthermore, it enables managers to take immediate action when employees inform of availability changes, shifts offered by coworkers and request time off.

Using Zip Schedules mobile app gives managers and employees full visibility over the weekly schedule and allows you to manage your schedules while on the go. Furthermore, you'll also be able to open shifts and make schedule changes directly from your mobile app.

In simple words, a system designed on the premise of enhanced communication and technology not only helps organizations gain an edge over their competitors but also offers a systematic approach to contract management thereby helping organizations achieve their strategic goals and objectives.

Best of Luck!

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