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Why You Need a Task Manager App Now

why you need a task manager app now
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

What Would Make You CHange up Your Task Managment Tool?

Maintaining a project means to face the numerous difficulties such as keeping track of the tasks, timeliness, risks, resources, monitoring the overall progress and the progress of certain employees. If you are well aware of all these challenges, you also know about the task manager apps designed to make multitasking and managing the project easier. Especially SMB operators who will appreciate the help of professional online software like Zip checklist because they are in need of a universal tool for all of their daily or monthly tasks. Still not sure whether or not you need one today? This comprehensive list of available options as well as pros and cons of using the online task manager may help you to make a final decision.

When Do You Need Simple To-Do Lists?

This type of task manager software is proof that pure simplicity is bliss. This is true if you, of course, need something really simple and have only basic tasks. Christmas shopping? Grocery store list? No problem. Apple Reminders, Google Keep, or Google Tasks are fairly simple and free. There are paid applications such as Checkvist and Clear are created for pretty much the same purposes, simple checklists, regular reminders, basic to-do lists for one person.

The Benefits Of Using the Professional Software

The simple to-do lists are great if you are a housewife or a student that has to manage a few projects during the day or week. However, the managers and operators of a business need more powerful employee task management tools like Getting Things Done Apps. Usually, they are focused on one main area and are either expensive or offer the free version with a limited number of options or a premium subscription. This category includes Cloud, GoodTask, or Firetask and they may come in handy when you have a specific project in mind. But what to choose when you are a manager with dozens of employees and even more projects that are changing and updating daily and require special attention?

Try Zip Checklist for Free

Zip Checklist is unique cloud-based software because it combines the features of various apps. You can create both simple to-do lists with reminders and assign serious projects to specific employees to monitor their progress and comment on their results using the same app. Pay only $19 a month and get the first 30 days for free, so get started today!

Main Features Include

a. Various manager tools
b. Accountability tools
c. Communication platform
d. Create and print professionally looking PDF reports
e. Cloud library
f. Multi-language
g. Official apps for free
h. Site and global settings

Zip Checklist Will Be Perfect for

a. Restaurant
b. Bars
c. Grocery stores
d. Various retailers
e. Hotels

Why Use Zip Checklist?

1. The low price along with free trial that you can cancel anytime makes Zip Checklist an affordable solution for both big and small businesses.
2. With easy-to-understand interface creating and managing the tasks will be possible for anyone
3. Since this staff task management software combine all the necessary features for running the business you won't need to spend more on special software created for integrating the various apps. Did you ever have a situation where one employee was using Evernote and the other preferred Google and you needed an additional app such as Zapier to keep your team in the loop with the latest updates? Perhaps you experienced something similar. Switch to Zip Checklist instead to unite the team and keep the data in one cloud library. This sounds much easier, right?

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