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Why a Work Schedule App Is the Best Thing Ever For a Manager

why a work schedule app is the best thing ever for a manager
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Scheduling Software For Restaurant Managers

A reputable work schedule app, such as the Zip Schedules scheduling software will offer a number of benefits to all business managers, especially restaurant managers.

As a restaurant manager, you must already be aware of the importance of proper employee scheduling. We, at Zip Schedules, are already aware of how chaotic employee scheduling can get, and it is for this very reason that we have decided to create a user-friendly work schedule app to suit all businesses.
So, how can this schedule app benefit your restaurant?

Restaurant Work Schedule App – Meal Planning

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As a manager who knows his work, you need to understand that the foods and drinks you offer are your restaurant's primary way of talking to your clients. If what you have to offer is not satisfactory, it would be unrealistic to expect good profits, if any.

While the outcome of your menu depends on various factors, such as ingredients and equipment, it is the employee who prepares the delicacies who matters the most because without his or her expertise, it would be impossible to prepare the meal even when the ingredients and equipment are available.

With this in mind, you will need to invest in a good work schedule app to help you create a best schedule with shift assignments that will favor your menu. This simply means that you must learn to schedule the right kitchen employees at the right time. For example, you need to make sure that the employees who make great pancakes, eggs, breads, teas, coffees and so on are present in the mornings to prepare great breakfast menus. When it comes to lunch or dinner, the same case applies; the employees in the kitchen should be the ones who can prepare excellent meals.

How do you do this? Use your app. Each and every employee has his or her own talent or qualification. With a employee schedule app, you will be able to save employee skill rating on their profiles. This means that as you assign kitchen shifts, you will be able to view the expertise of each and every employee and thus assign him or her suitably.

As soon as you create a best schedule, your scheduler app will enable you to send the schedule to all employees immediately which they will receive online via their mobile phones, computers, or tablets. If there is an employee who feels that he or she cannot honor the shift assigned to them, he/she can communicate via the app immediately to enable you to make the required changes, all you have to do is refer to your work schedule app for the right replacement.

Work Schedule App – Peak Hours

If you have been in the business long enough, you will probably have noted that it is during the peak hours that most of the profits come in. This being the case, it is important to do everything possible to get the most out of the peak hours of your restaurant. The first thing you need to do is to identify the most famous or the top selling items during those hours and ensure that the people who know how to prepare them well are present at such times. With a work schedule app, doing this will be easy since all you have to do is check the profile of an employee to see if he/she fits the shift or not.

Other than ensuring that the right kitchen staff is present during peak hours, you need to have the best/fastest servers and best/fastest bartenders around. You might also consider assigning more employees to cover the busy hours so as to improve accuracy and speed. All these and more can be achieved with a work schedule app or software.

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