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Work Smarter Not Harder With Zip Checklist

work smarter not harder with zip checklist
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Zip Checklist Will Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

There is an obvious explanation why the majority of modern businesses tend to go paperless nowadays. For the most of small business owners, creating digital records instead of filling hundreds of papers daily means to simplify the way their company operates and deals with everyday challenges. Records management software was created to incorporate digital management solutions into your business routine as smooth as possible. So when you choose to create and store all of your data online instead of wasting tons of paper, you choose to work smarter saving your time and money.

Move From Paper To Digital Records With The Best Task Manager

As soon as a business owner decides to go paperless, his employees may encounter various problems with adopting digital records. When some of your team members rely too much on paper documents and others are just not very good with computers and modern software, you need to find the universal solution that will satisfy everyone. And Zip Checklist is one of them. Being the best task manger available to managers and business owners nowadays, this employee task manager app offers the effective and affordable solutions for every small business. Here is how you can use Zip Checklist to gradually transfer all our team to electronic records-

Ask Each Member Of Your Team To Download The Free App
With nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults owning a smartphone, there is a big chance that all of your employees can assess and download the free app for their phones in no time. This simple move will transform your employees into one team that work on the same goals and always stay in touch with each other. Those team members who don't have smartphones can access Zip Checklist anytime using their laptops.

Send Files Using Zip Checklist
This employee task management supports all types of files and save all of them in reliable cloud-based library. This means that you finally found the easy, hassle-free way to send electronic documents within your company. Moreover, when all the documents will be stored in one place, there is no need to worry that some paper will be lost or forgotten. From now on, all documentation will be in the palm of your hand.

Create Different Task Reports
With Zip Checklist you can create four report types. Choose the detailed or summary version and make the task report you can print, if needed, or send to any of your employees in a matter of seconds.

Assess The Digital Records Anytime
Ask any manager and he will tell you a scary story about the document that was lost forever. However, there is no such problem, when you decide to go paperless and connect to the cloud. Whether you choose Dropbox, Google drive, or other cloud storage space, your data will be always safe and sound.

Multi-Language Software For Everyone
Zip Checklist is the best task manager that lets each user select their language. This feature comes in handy when you work with a multicultural team that speaks different languages. Today Zip Checklist is available in English, Spanish, French and Chinese.

To move your company from paper documents to digital records as smooth as possible, you need to choose the best task manager, which will suit your company's unique needs. As soon as you find the best solution for your business, you can start to work smarter not harder and become even more productive than ever before.

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