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How to Choose the Best Business Intelligence Analytics Software in 3 Easy Steps

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Yamini P.

By Yamini P.

What is Business Intelligence and Analytics?

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Business intelligence (BI) and analytics have become key components of many organizations' data-driven strategies. But what is business intelligence and how can you use it to improve your organization's performance? BI is a broad field of software development and data analysis that includes tools such as Reporting, Dashboards, and Virtual Assistants. To put it simply, it's the marriage of data and software to support decision-making.

On the other hand, analytics is the application of advanced mathematics and computer science to solve specific problems. It's an umbrella term that can describe a variety of approaches. These include descriptive analysis, which is the study of data to understand how it behaves; predictive analysis, which uses historical data to make future estimates; and prescriptive analytics, which uses simulations to answer specific questions.

How Can Business Intelligence Benefit a Restaurant?

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The primary goal of business intelligence is to translate existing data into information that can be interpreted easily. Such data comes to us in the form of reports and analyses. This insight can be used to make better business and operational decisions, reduce costs, and increase revenues. What makes business intelligence important is that data analytics is taken from several locations of the restaurants, both inside and outside.

Businesses and restaurants with limited resources benefit a lot from BI tools. Business analytics data helps companies grow, expand, reduce costs, and boost productivity. Business intelligence analyzes various processes in your restaurant and helps you optimize them. Business intelligence and business analytics help make better decisions about ingredients sourcing, production control, stock management, and goods distribution, among other things. This makes it easier for business users to understand market trends, how to produce efficiently, how to optimize logistics, and which group of customers delivers the best margins. This information is extremely important to the success of the company.

In the restaurant industry, it is critical to cross the line from guessing to knowing because owners and managers supervise multiple locations simultaneously and may not be on-site all the time. Business intelligence provides real time data to address problems immediately, even before customers start complaining and griping online.

A restaurant business intelligence tool like Zip POS Dashboard, available on the restaurant app store HubWorks, brings together data from various sources like online ordering, calls, mobile applications and third-party programs on a single platform, thus optimizing business operations.

  • Customer frequency per outlet
  • Dishes to add and remove from the menu
  • Dishes to promote and results of the promotion
  • Loyalty program details
  • Staff responsible for growing sale margins
  • Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
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    BI Software Buyer's GuideStep 1- Review Requirements

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    The first step to buying a business software package is to determine what your restaurant's needs are. Do you need a mobile or web-based software? Will you be working with a consultant to help you implement the software or will you be doing it yourself? Do you plan to scale up your operations in the next couple of years?

    These are some of the factors to consider before you make the final decision. Before you sink your hard-earned money into a software program, ask yourself the following questions-

    1. Will it identify ways to increase profit?
    2. Can it analyze customer behavior?
    3. Will it compare data with competitors?
    4. Will the BI software track performance?
    5. Can this business intelligence software optimize restaurant operations and predict success?
    6. Will it spot market trends and discover problem areas?

    Step 2- Compare BI Tools

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    Many organizations struggle to gain a 360-degree view of their data. That's where business intelligence tools come in. They can help you gain a holistic understanding of your data, including which reports you should use, who should have access to which reports, and how to structure your data so it can be analyzed most effectively.

    Hence it is important to understand and compare different business intelligence tools for data analysis and reporting. It is also important to know why you should use a particular business intelligence tool and when you should choose a different solution.

    Before buying business intelligence software, make sure it can help you develop a data strategy, integrate data, and provide business intelligence reports. In addition, look for a business intelligence software that can provide prompt results.

    Step 3- Test Vendors and Review Terms of Use

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    Make sure the business intelligence software you select is tailored to your needs before you buy it. Examine whether the seller has extensive industry knowledge and can deliver valuable insights to clients. An effective business intelligence software should be aware of the issues faced by the industry, such as managing a large portfolio of products.

    It's a good idea to request a software demo to gain some hands-on experience with the product. It also helps you determine whether or not a specific feature you require is available, allowing you to make an informed choice.

    Another suggestion is to look into business intelligence online forums and review sites. Potential users can learn from the experience of seasoned users. These forums offer honest reviews, and you'll be able to spot problem areas and determine how the software will benefit you.

    Also, be wary of hidden charges and other terms and conditions that aren't explicitly stated by the software provider.

    Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
    Try it free for 14 days.

    The Best BI Software for Restaurants

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    If you own or manage a restaurant, you must spend a lot of time crunching numbers, checking up on Sales Forecasts, and analyzing data. Your business depends on accurate and timely reporting of data to enable you to make informed business decisions.

    With so much data available from so many sources, managing it all efficiently and effectively can be a full-time job. Fortunately, there are business intelligence software solutions that can make your life easier. Restaurants need a business intelligence software solution that can help them analyze their financials, track customer trends, and process data without exposing their sensitive information to the internet.

    Sophisticated software for the food and beverage industry can generate huge benefits for restaurants of all kinds, big and small. Restaurant owners who have access to advanced BI software solutions can manage their finances and track business performance in greater detail. And when you have a clearer picture of your customers, you can make more informed decisions about your staffing, pricing, and marketing.

    A Business Intelligence software provider that does all this and more is HubWorks. The specialty restaurant 'app store', HubWorks, offers a slew of BI applications like Zip Forecast, Zip Reporting, and Zip POS Dashboard that use powerful analytics and reporting tools to crunch data in real time. These then provide insightful and intuitive reports on sales, demand and Labor Forecasting, inventory management and customer relationship management, to help a business grow quickly and sustainably.

    BI Software FAQs

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    Q. What is a data warehouse?
    A. In business intelligence parlance, data warehouses serve as repositories of the data generated by a business. This data relates to inventory, shifts, customer trends, sales, and so on. Business intelligence and business analytics tools process all of it and summarize it into easily understandable pieces of information.

    Q. What is augmented analytics?
    A. Augmented analytics implies the use of technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning (including natural language processing) to help process and summarize data and generate insights in a way that approximates the work of an expert like a data scientist.

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