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Company Business Challenges faced by 7-Eleven

7-Eleven is undoubtedly profitable, but is the company as profitable as it could be? Like other gas station establishments, 7-Eleven struggles with managing labor costs, in part to due factors such as ineffective labor scheduling and wage and hour laws, which directly impacts business profits.

Ineffective Labor Management is Losing 7-Eleven Money

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With over 8500 locations, it is obvious that 7-Eleven has a lot of employees, which means a plethora of opportunities for lost money and shortened profits.

Businesses need to ensure that their establishments are appropriately staffed and stocked in order to be profitable. Effective labor scheduling, which will prevent profits from being lost, entails making sure that employees are scheduled according to their availability and job code. As an owner or manager is also important to monitor the hours your employees work to ensure that no buddy punching occurs or unnecessary overtime is accrued.

With so many factors to your business, how can you be sure that you aren't losing money?

The implementation of business management software tools, like those provided by us here at Hubworks, can help to manage your business' labor, and therefore, overall sales growth. With a unique and effective cloud-based suite of apps, Hubworks is the complete business management platform that helps to optimize businesses.

How 7-Eleven Can Improve Their Labor Scheduling

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To effectively manage employee scheduling and labor costs, many gas stations like those similar to 7-Eleven, have turned to Hubworks for our labor management solutions.

Hubworks' labor management solution, Zip Schedules, allows for the easy creation of workplace schedules and management of labor, whether you have 20 employees or 2,000. Zip Schedules is a cloud-based business management solution that helps to optimize employee scheduling while cutting labor costs.

Many employee scheduling tools whether excel, cloud, or web-based are far more complex than they need to be. Getting started can be a painstaking process that requires the extra help of consultants and adjusting to a new system can be extremely overwhelming and costly. Here at Hubworks, we overcome these concerns with Zip Schedules by providing a self-implemented system that is easy to learn using conveniences like streamlined onboarding, an intuitive interface, and free mobile apps.

In addition to effortlessly creating schedules, Zip Schedules also allows for the management team of gas stations, such as 7-Eleven, to save their favorite schedules as a schedule template so a new schedule suitable to their needs can be quickly created. A weekly schedule template can be updated by dropping the new shifts into employee slots, as opposed to having to create a new schedule each time.

If minor changes occur after the schedule has been published, adjustments can also be made to a previous schedule to create a new one. Zip Schedules allows for gas station businesses, like 7-Eleven, to save time on common tasks required to create a schedule.

Any minor scheduling changes, which will inevitably occur, especially at large companies like 7-Eleven, are easily relayed to all team members with the Hubworks Zip Schedules scheduling software and app.

We know notifying employees about upcoming events or policy changes can be a hassle. Since informing all team members is not as seamless as it should be with traditional schedule management methods, it results in wasted time for managers who want to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Using Zip Schedules internal messaging system, Zip Chit Chat, managers can send important messages to the entire team, or a specific group of employees, so they can be instantly informed of store-specific news and events.

With Zip Schedules scheduling software and app, management is able to send employees their schedules once they are published. This feature removes any need to post a printed schedule, which is extremely beneficial for business with a multitude of employees, such as 7-Eleven.

Managers are also able to take immediate action when employees accept future shifts offered by coworkers, or when they take time off and their availability changes. To make it easier, management can see when employees are available, when they're requesting time off or a shift swap, and when a shift is open. Requests can be approved or declined anytime when using the software or from the free mobile scheduling app.

The Zip Schedules scheduling app allows for the mobile management of businesses, even those as large as 7-Eleven. With the Zip Schedules scheduling app employees save time by finding coworkers to cover their shift in minutes and managers can approve schedule change requests, modify shifts, and more, so it will be easy to get more done from anywhere, at any time. Zip Schedules scheduling app and software also makes it so that any schedule changes made to the schedule are communicated to employees by email and mobile alerts.

With the free mobile scheduling app, all of the features mentioned are accessible from the team members' phones, tablets, or other electronic devices, making needed information readily accessible so everyone stays on the same page.

Zip Schedules scheduling software and app is beneficial to employees and management alike, while also serving to improve on a business' bottom line.

Lowering 7-Eleven's Labor Cost

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Labor scheduling is not the only aspect of a business that can be detrimental to the bottom line. Other aspects of labor costs, such as overtime, buddy punching, and wage and hour laws can also negatively impact a business, even one that seems as established as 7-Eleven.

To combat common workplace issues and labor costs, in conjunction with Zip Schedules, Hubworks offers Zip Clock. Our Zip Clock time and attendance software features a biometric time clock, which helps to manage unwanted overtime and buddy punching, as well as a free mobile app. With the large number of hourly employees at 7-Eleven, even the slightest increases in labor costs, resulting from ineffective labor management, would result in large profit deficits for each store location.

With over 8500 locations in 50 states, one of 7-Eleven's concerns in labor management is adherence to wage and hour laws. Since wage and hour laws vary by state, the establishment owner is responsible for making sure that all employees abide by the law.

Zip Clock saves businesses, like 7-Eleven, money by prompting management before labor law violations occur, allowing for proactivity rather than being reactive to changing conditions. Avoid labor law fines by gamifying time management and notifying employees of breaks or clock outs when they approach a break or daily overtime violation with our Zip Clock software, biometric clock, and app.

With the Zip Clock app, management can know whether or not employees are being compliant with labor guidelines with one glance at a phone. Zip Clock time and attendance software allows businesses to gain visibility that they never had before.

The increased visibility provided by Zip Clock is best illustrated in the time and attendance software's Shift Management screen and Employee Performance Report.

The Shift Management screen displays all of a business' employees and lists their weekly hours, projected hours, overtime, ACA violations, and phone numbers. Clicking on an employee's name displays their remaining schedule for the week so management can make sure you're not scheduling anyone into overtime. This feature is particularly useful for large businesses, such as 7-Eleven, as it provides a consolidated location for all employee data, as opposed to traditional labor management methods.

With the Employee Performance Report, provided by the Zip Clock time and attendance software, management can observe employee performance over a selected time period with respect to labor law and schedule violations while comparing actual versus scheduled hours. To gauge effective scheduling compare actual hours and labor costs against scheduled hours and scheduled costs by day and week, with Zip Schedules, you can see your sites time punches variance to the schedule.

Should there be variances to the schedule, which is highly likely, especially at larger companies like 7-Eleven, the Zip Clock time and attendance software allows for management to edit time punches.

In an attempt to help lessen the owner or manager's tasks, the Zip Clock app allows employees to edit their previous punches within the current payroll period, if they choose to enable this feature. Of course, all edits are subject to manager approval. Before finalizing payroll, you can identify time punch violations to make sure you've factored in the correct amount of extra pay to avoid potential labor lawsuits, which can be especially costly for a company like 7-Eleven. Zip Clock also helps companies be prepared for audits as the time and attendance software tracks all employee time punches and edits and provides a history of all applied changes.

The Zip Clock software and time and attendance app help to manage employee time and attendance, enforce employee schedules, generate payroll reports, provide insight in labor law compliance, and more.

Hubworks is the complete business management platform featuring a unique and effective cloud-based suite of apps that help to optimize businesses. With labor management solutions by Hubworks, such as our Zip Schedules scheduling software and Zip Clock time and attendance software, 7-Eleven can increase sales and profits while lowering labor costs.

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