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7 Best Employee Scheduling Software Apps for Restaurants

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Kanika Jain

By Kanika Jain

Zip Scheduling for Total Workforce Management

Are you done dealing with complex scheduling procedures that make daunting staff management tasks even worse? Plus, they are costly and do not integrate well with your existing software as was promised. The Zip scheduling app by Hubworks is different, as it caters to your 365 business needs regarding tracking employee schedules which is easy and productive. With the software app's easy user interface, an employee with no software knowledge can also navigate through the site and keep its team members notified of their daily tasks.

Some of the key functions that takes care of total workforce management are-

1. Creates schedules in minutes- The intuitive software track time of employees and their usual schedule shift through a mobile app makes punch-in and punch-out time easy, as it automatically creates a timesheet for the manager based on which they can create staff schedules for the next week or month. This way the employee shifts are easy and conveniently managed and managers don't need to create fresh schedules each time.

2. Make changes in employee shift on the go with better communication- Sometimes there are last-minute changes in managing shift schedules due to employee's unavailability and there is a need to swap shifts accordingly. With the 24/7 availability of the app, team communication and sending messages becomes easy and you can manage and intimate about changes and new schedules on time through an internal communication chat system. The managers save time calling each team member separately dictating schedules again and again.

3. Saving labor costs and under or over-scheduling of employees- The forecasting engine of the cloud based Zip Scheduling app can indicate how much staff will be needed during the different shifts based on sales and business transactions. Have just the right number of people for convenient customer service and lower labor costs.

You can say goodbye to your employee scheduling nightmare by spending just $19 per location per month saving time and money on sorting scheduling issues for your Small Business. ZipSchedules also provides a custom edition if your employee strength is more than 51.

Coast for Monitoring Multiple Shift work Schedules

If you have a multi-location business then the Coast work schedule app gives the owners and managers a perfect birds-eye view of multiple shift work schedules of employees within one report. The management no longer has to coordinate with multiple team leads and ask for employee scheduling reports. Rather, all data can be scrolled easily on your mobile employee scheduling app in real time.

Employee onboarding, assigning tasks, and shift update alerts can be accessed in minutes through the coast mobile app. Creating work schedules for multiple shifts leads to the smooth functioning of your business as employer and employee can share schedules online and the employee can receive schedule alerts on the go. The clock in and clock out time is predefined and is flexible to those who work in different shifts.

Coast starter plan begins at $4 per user per month and goes up to $24 per month per user. it is an affordable choice for looking to automate their scheduling system.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

7Shifts for Seamless Staff Scheduling

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Providing more than 300,000 restaurant professionals its scheduling software services, 7Shifts is a software that is customized especially for restaurant scheduling needs. It is easy to use features include great staff scheduling solutions such as-

1. Through its intuitive business intelligence features, 7Shifts is equipped with forecasting staff needs by analyzing sales and demand reports of a restaurant.

2. Their manager logbook is a unique feature that centralizes all data that includes customer feedback, complaints, and other related issues across restaurant platforms so that timely rectification is done for a better customer experience.

3. It gives an accurate report of revenue generated by comparing sales reports with labor costs in real time.

4. The timekeeping of employee hours is editable so that faster payroll and accurate reports can be generated for the management.

Besides giving a free trial for up to 10 employees for 1 location, 7Shifts paid plans are simple and adaptable. they have three categories of paid plans-

  • Appetizer- pricing starts at $17.99 per month for up to 20 employees and provides multi-location support.
  • Entree- pricing starts at $39.99 per month with some added advanced features like advanced scheduling, compliance, and more and covers up to 30 employees to be used for multi-location purposes.
  • The Works- its pricing starts at $69.99 per month and helps cut down labor costs by weather forecasting, manager log book, shift feedback tool, and other advanced features.

HotSchedules For Easy swap shifts

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Serving 7,000 customers through 120,000 locations globally, HotSchedules is the coming of age scheduling app meant especially for the restaurant industry. Its UI design is simple to navigate and lets managers update and approve scheduling shift timings easily. According to HotSchedules customers, their technical support team is quick and responsive and addresses all their escalations. Their shift planning tool has eliminated the need for offline communication between employees.

Due to transparency and visibility, managers and top management get notifications and alerts if two employees swap their shifts with each other. No phone calls or confirmation calls need to be made as all information and updates are available on the cloud based scheduling app.

HotSchedules paid plan begins at $40 per month per location covering about 30 employees to manage their employee scheduling and shift planning.

When I Work For Large and Small Businesses

When I Work' is a well-integrated software whose time clock software works hand-in-hand with their color-coded scheduling app. This makes payroll easy and flawless as the above-mentioned two software information gets automatically updated in the payroll software giving important insights.

In any business be it small or large, employee management can be very challenging. To minimize chaos and clutter of back-office that can hamper your company's growth, you need an employee time scheduling app that can show you your employees' working behavior through time tracking, shift scheduling, and time off requests on the app and know which employee is working hard and whose not.

'When I Work' pricing is divided between small businesses and enterprises. For a Small Business, the pricing is at $2 per user per month which includes employee scheduling and messaging. The enterprise package, on the other hand, serves from 100 employees up to 10,000+ employees, and the pricing is customized and not disclosed in the public domain.

Online employee scheduling software that makes shift planning effortless.
Try it free for 14 days.

PlanDay for Convenient Shift Management through mobile apps

PlanDay workforce scheduling app is easy to use and compatible with other existing running software in a company. A start-up company with 180 employees, PlanDay believes in authenticity, empowerment, and collaboration. Their schedule templates are easy for making daily schedules and the manager according to their will can give access to its employees for managing their shifts, swap shifts, or managing time off requests at their own convenience but with managers' consent.

The simple navigation process lets you know about each employee's whereabouts from your mobile Employee Scheduling app.

PlanDay has 4 different pricing systems-

  • Starter package pricing begins with 2.49 euros per month per user.
  • Plus package is priced at 4.49 euros per month per user.
  • Pro package is priced at 6.49 euros per month per user.
  • The Enterprise package is meant for large enterprises and their cost is customized according to the client's business needs.

When I Work for Reduced Labor Costs

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When I Work' scheduling app is a convenient option to choose if you are looking for a platform that can reduce your labor costs. Some of the problem solving that the app does are-

  • The app is equipped with providing employees with predictable work schedules on the basis of analyzing past schedules that has every employee behavior stored from advance notice, time offs, and clock in timings.
  • Helps to reduce overtime costs by putting alerts when the shift of employees is about to get over. Also, the app makes sure that ample resting time is given to employees between their shifts so that no labor law penalties are faced by the business.
  • The built-in geo-tracking system keeps track of your employee working location, so no time theft can be done by the staff.
  • Reduce employee turnover with better-retaining employee programs because it is much more expensive to find new talent than to keep existing employees happy. You can give incentives to employees that are productive and achieve their targets on time.
'When I Work' is not just another employee scheduling app, it brings inclusivity and harmony to your working culture.

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