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Dakota Sheetz

Dakota is a Content Marketing Coordinator and SEO strategist at Altametrics. His role is to develop and implement content campaigns to provide useful and informative articles to decision-makers in the restaurant and food industry.

Breaking Down Your Understanding of Employee Time Clocks

From accurate time monitoring to proper employee attendance tracking, employee time clocks can assist companies to ensure both their employee's time and the business's bottom line are being efficiently maintained.
breaking down your understanding of employee time clocks

Your Guide to Business Process Management

Understanding proper business process management is the first step to ensuring the success of any business. It's imperative for business owners to recognize the fundamental benefits that proper business process management can have for their company.
your guide to business process management

A Look into Employee Morale

Employee morale is one of the top priorities businesses should prioritize in their workplace. High morale can provide a host of benefits for businesses to capitalize on. Read on for more.
a look into employee morale

Why You Should Use Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management software increases restaurant productivity and boosts bottom-line profitability.
why you should use restaurant management software

Everything You Need to Know About Restaurant Management

Great restaurant management can make the difference between whether a restaurant is successful or not.
everything you need to know about restaurant management

A Comprehensive Look into Business Operations

Business professionals must create, maintain, and consistently reevaluate their business operations in order for their business to be successful.
a comprehensive look into business operations

Understanding the Customer Experience

Customer experience is a top indicator of the success and profitability of every business.
understanding the customer experience

The Relationship Between Motivation and Staff Performance

Increasing employee motivation and staff performance will result in business bottom-line profitability.
the relationship between motivation and staff performance

Everything You Need to Know About Remote Employees

Remote employees have greater levels of productivity, increased job satisfaction, better employee engagement, and higher retention rates.
everything you need to know about remote employees

Everything You Need to Know About Employee Training

Investing in an effective employee training program improves employee performance and best practice business techniques.
everything you need to know about employee training

Everything You Need to Know About Task Management Software

Task management software optimizes the organization, prioritization, delegation, and tracking of a business's tasks.
everything you need to know about task management software

Everything You Need to Know About Work Efficiency

The United States cannot afford to ignore work efficiency, productivity, and effectiveness when disengaged employees cost $483 to $605 billion annually.
everything you need to know about work efficiency

Food Waste and All Its Problems

Food waste is an economic, social, and environmental crisis that requires urgent action. Food industry professionals need to actively decrease their food wastage.
food waste and all its problems