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9 Engaging Instagram Post Ideas From Leading Brands

9 engaging instagram post ideas from leading brands
Grace Njaramba

By Grace Njaramba

9 engaging instagram post ideas from leading brands 1561676313 1180

For the sake of those who don't know much about Instagram, here's a brief description.

Instagram is a social networking site that is centered on sharing videos and photos. The site launched back in 2010, and now boasts of over 1 billion active (monthly) users, and more than 500 million daily users.

Currently owned by Facebook, Instagram is among the most used social networks today.

For many years now, Instagram has been used as a powerful marketing tool - many leading brands have successfully taken advantage of the site to expand the visibility of their products and services. Based on the statistics we have just looked at above, you can see just how great an injustice you are doing your business if you are yet to jump on the Instagram bandwagon.

Perhaps you are wondering, After signing up for an account, what exactly do I post, and how often do I post? Don't worry; this post has got you covered, and it doesn't matter if you are just getting started on Instagram, or you have been at it for some time now, the tips provided below will come in handy.

First things first, how often should you post on Instagram? Well, most major brands do at least three posts over a 2-day period, but there's no limit to how many times a day you can post. However, there's a catch; if you decide to post often, it's advisable to keep up with the rate; otherwise, you might end up losing user engagement.

Now, let's look at some ideas on what you can post to keep your followers highly engaged.

Create Product Posts for Instagram as Advertising

create product posts for instagram as advertising 1561677124 8016

Posting photos and videos of your products on Instagram is a great way to show your audience what your business is all about, and if done correctly, it can help you to increase your sales.

Tip In addition to the product name and photo, aim to include some interesting captions and a few hashtags.

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Use Product Tags on Instagram for Easier Shopping

Product tags will make it possible for your followers to make direct purchases through the site. All you need to do is tag a product, and your followers will be able to view important details about it, such as the price and description, just by clicking on the product. If they wish to make a purchase, they'll be able to do it easily with a second click.

Tip Product tags can come in handy when your business is offering a discount or running a sale.

Posting Behind-the-Scenes Content Engages Viewers

Instagram and other networking sites have changed the way businesses interact with their customers. If you want to make your Instagram followers feel like they are a part of your brand, posting behind-the-scenes photos and videos will do the trick.

Tip Give your followers a sneak preview of an unfinished product; this will make them feel special.

Going Live or Posting Videos Can Help Engage an Audience

going live or posting videos can help engage an audience 1561676516 8926

Live or real-time videos create a deeper connection between brands and users and can help you establish a relationship with your followers real quick. By going live, you can feature behind-the-scenes content, answer questions, and get customer feedback and recommendations.

Tip Do live videos to create awareness around a special event, such as a sale or product launch. Also, when going live, choose an area with no background noise and good lighting for best results.

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Repost UGC (User-Generated Content) Made by Instagram Followers

repost ugc user generated content made by instagram followers 1561677446 4196

Reposting UGC generates trust, increases conversion, and gives you a limitless supply of content. User-generated content is any content created by the users of an online platform.

Social media users are greatly influenced by the opinions of fellow users, and many often make use of UGC when making purchase decisions. Millennials, in particular, seem to trust UGC more than content generated by brands.

Tip Your regrams/reposts should ideally reflect your brand and business goals. Also, always seek the permission of the content creator before reposting anything, and don't make any edits without permission.

Post Inspirational Quotes to Your Instagram

post inspirational quotes to your instagram 1561677124 8731

Your Instagram posts don't always have to be about business-related topics; your followers will appreciate posts that inspire them and uplift their mood from time-to-time. Posting inspirational quotes is an excellent way to inspire your followers and will help you to establish a positive relationship between your brand and your audience.

Tip Use the internet to source quotes that go hand in hand with the mission of your brand and don't forget to give credit to the original author of the quote.

Post Entertaining Videos to Engage People

People often log on to Instagram, and other networking sites, to have fun and escape the pressures of work and school. Examples of entertaining content you can post include funny cartoons and informal behind-the-scenes videos. People enjoy funny memes too, and your audience will likely appreciate them.

Tip Moderation is the key here; avoid funny videos and memes that don't have meaning or reason behind them.

Post Community Involvement Photos and Videos to Instagram

post community involvement photos and videos to instagram 1561677308 7547

One of the benefits of giving back to the community is that it helps to establish a relationship of trust and loyalty. Posting content about community involvement is a good way to let your audience know about your giving-back initiatives and will make them feel good about associating with your brand.

Tip It's good to be transparent about community involvement from the start, so the public knows what is being done and why.

Giveaways and Contests Can Increase Your Instagram Following

Giveaways and contests are irresistible and are, therefore, a great way to stir up some fun and engagement on your Instagram account. In so doing, you will not only grow your audience, but you will also get more eyeballs on your brand.

Tip Make sure to set clear guidelines and rules whenever you have a giveaway or contest.

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