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Best Online Business Management Apps

online business management apps
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

Business Management Apps

Let me guess, you’re often away from your desk. Before business management apps, it was easy to feel disconnected and out of the loop. No need to worry anymore, you can stay on top of scheduling, assign tasks and roles to your staff members, and communicate with your team no matter where you are, right from the convenience of your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Hubwork’s best business apps are designed for Apple, Android, and Microsoft tablets, compatible with desktops, laptops, and all Internet browsers, with free mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

If you are a business owner, operator, or manager, it’s likely that you are constantly looking for new ways to streamline your business practices. In the fast-paced world of business today, you need solutions, regardless of your industry. If you’re looking for the best business apps, you’ve found the right place- Hubworks. Hubworks launches the best business apps, changing the way clients communicate, track, and operate their businesses, whether they need a business management app, a retail business app, a restaurant business app, or a hotel business app, Hubworks has the solution.

Zip Schedules

With Zip Schedules, you can create and distribute your next work schedule in minutes, better managing your employees’ shifts and tasks. With this streamlined business management app, you’ll save time and reduce scheduling oversights and mistakes.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what John Evrard, General Manager at Fresh Griller had to say about Zip Schedules-

'We started using Zip Schedules several months ago. When I saw how easy it was to use, I went back to the site and downloaded Zip Clock and Zip Checklist too. My managers love the clean look, and find that they’re much more productive.'

Zip Clock

With Zip Clock, you can be more proactive in controlling, tracking, and reviewing employee time and compliance with work schedules. Even when you’re off-site, you’ll always know who is on the clock and who is sticking to their schedule with Zip Clock’s online online employee time clock. Zip Clock features a clock dashboard, biometric clock in and clock out, punch management, shift management, meaningful reporting, and tracking of labor costs.

With Zip Clock, our users are able to eliminate buddy punching and time theft, view the schedule status of all of their employees in one place, easily find and contact available shift replacements, review audit trail of employee time punches, measure and maximize employee productivity, and collect and finalize payroll hours to export for payroll processing.

Anand Gala shares his appreciation for Hubworks, saying-

'After searching the Internet for restaurant software platforms, I found that Hubworks provided the most affordable and relevant products for my growing restaurant chain. The products are easy to learn and easy to use, and the benefits were immediate.'

With no credit card required, it’s easy for you to get started right away on the best business apps provided by Hubworks.

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