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Calling All Schedule Creators | Say Goodbye to the Headaches of Old

calling all schedule creators say goodbye to headaches of old
Daphne Blake

By Daphne Blake

3 Ways Scheduling Management Software Can Streamline Your Scheduling Process

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Are you a schedule creator? Are you responsible for the management and organization of people, time and overall, efficiency? Let’s address three ways that scheduling management software can make your employee scheduling process more manageable.

Restaurants have changed an awful lot in the last several decades. Sure, the basic premise of food service has remained the same. However, the execution of the ‘restaurant’ premise has been adjusted dramatically to keep up with the shifting technological tide that we as a generation are currently facing. It is a marvel to behold when you step back and look at it. However, it does impact different components of a restaurant’s functioning differently.

One of the areas that have the potential to be the most heavily impacted is the employee scheduling process. The employee scheduling process is one that has the potential, when using the old method, to be a time-consuming, challenging, and even stressful experience. Part of this is having to make decisions about when to put people on the schedule and for what hours, but a significant portion of it comes from the actual execution of this information and tracking it.

It is this part of the employee scheduling process that scheduling software seeks to remedy and eliminate. The software’s goal is almost exclusively to streamline the employee scheduling in a way that is significant enough to warrant the switch to digital scheduling and justify any potential costs that you might incur. While a system like our Zip Schedules offers a free trial, not all do, so they hang on to the notion that it will be such an improvement over your current method that the cost will fall secondary to the benefits.

We’re going to highlight three ways that this software will absolutely, indisputably help to streamline your employee scheduling process. Our goal isn’t to sell you, though we may use Zip Schedules as an example strictly because it’s familiar. Instead, our goal is to convince you that the stress and anxiety of employee scheduling don't need to exist at all and that the solution is far more accessible and within closer reach than you might think.

Functional, Simple Interface

Particularly true of Zip Schedules, but it is true of a wide range of scheduling software currently on the market. By presenting the user with a very easy to navigate, a simplistic interface, the system allows the use of it to be much more straightforward. You’ll find that the system is also less stressful to use. It makes finding the appropriate employee schedule and menus information much more accessible, and by extension makes entering information, checking it, and managing it an experience that borders on enjoyable, rather than anxiety-inducing.

Range of Functionality

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Something else that an effective employee scheduling system will do to streamline your process offers a variety of different functions and options not just to monitor the data, but glean insights from it as well. Some software even provides built-in reporting features that shows trends in employee attendance, and other useful information that can help inform you better on the performance of your employees and your restaurant as a whole.

Beyond this, you will also find that this software makes it easier for your employees to access and if need be, respond to the employee schedule with any questions they may have. With paper schedules, often errors would arise because employees were unable to see it outside of their time at work, or they would leave it in the break room (guilty as charged). With a good employee schedule system, staff members will be able to access the employee schedule from home, thus granting them the ability to be confident in their hours, kept abreast of any changes, and be less likely to miss work or come in late.

On-the-Go Monitoring

Many of the scheduling management systems currently being offered to restaurant owners share one commonality above all else - mobility. If the systems aren’t based directly on a mobile operating system, then chances are they might have a mobile counterpart that employees and management can download to their devices. Again this is especially true of Zip Schedules, designed with mobile device functionality in mind.

Why is this so great? The answer is pretty simple but is also deeply rooted in fixing a lot of the employee scheduling problems that are common with restaurant owners and old methods. By granting access to the employee schedule via mobile devices, the system is helping to curb errors in employee attendance. It does this in two ways; first and foremost, it allows employees to double check their schedule at any time, from anywhere, should they have any doubts or questions about it. Second, and perhaps most importantly, it allows employees to be notified instantly of any changes to the schedule, such that it saves employers the time and energy of calling each employee one by one to inform them of these changes. It also gives employees the information in enough time to be able to adjust to the new schedule. No more issues of people showing up on their days off, or being understaffed because someone didn’t know they got added to the schedule at the last minute.

Hopefully, we’ve helped you to feel better equipped to leap your current employee scheduling system to one that is more geared towards ease and efficiency.

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